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Time to Contact Patient Organizations - MCWPA Action Alert!

Time to Contact Patient Organizations​


Posted by Tina Marie Miller Tidmore 30 March

May 2011 will be big for ME/CFS awareness. Awareness means getting the message to the public. One way to do this is through advertising, which leads to news coverage. We need your help in inviting patient organizations to do their part. You might send an e-mail to them that says:

I am helping with MCWPA to bring awareness to ME/CFS in May. Ads are being designed now for local organizations to distribute or publish. MCWPA is designing the ads and offering to help with the cost. Please read either of these documents to see more information.



Also, this is the form to fill out if you would like to participate: "https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dHpfNFdqNjZWNEZaUWFOS3RBOFZtU3c6MA#gid=0"

Tina Tidmore
MCWPA Administrator (www.mcwpa.org)


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