Time/Activity Management is sooo hard!!

Im really struggling right now to get all my house stuff done as Ive had to cut my active activity level down for housework to only an hr per day (the hr is broken up into 20 mins sessions).

My mother rang yesterday and said she wanted to come and visit and stay the night (along with her partner). I hardly ever see her and are soo embarrassed about them going to see the state of my kitchen, (they are overboard excessive neat freaks so I feel terrible about knowing what they are going to think). Ive been trying to catch up on housework since I did too much in a gardening session a couple of weeks ago which crashed me and only just managed to fix the other rooms up.

Maybe if I'd focused on the kitchen rather then other areas of the house I wouldnt be feeling so bad about their visit, with a whole trashed house I could of just said "Ive been to sick to do anything" .. but they are going to wonder why the kitchen is that messy and the rest of the house is clean.

Ive been focusing on the rest of the house for past two weeks or so as I'd rather have all the house clean except one room rather then every room messy as Ive used all my current activity ability to do the kitchen at the expense of the rest of the house. (my boyfriend did all the dishes for me when he was over last week).

Yesterday he was over visiting but we went shopping which knocked me about quite a bit.. ended up taking me 7 hrs laying to recover from what should of been a basic 20 minute food shop.

I also had an embarrassing near collapse the moment I walked into the supermarket. (He had to grab me and help me get to a bench without going down, to sit and put my legs up on for a while as my legs had started shaking and hence I wasnt able to fully support myself.. POTS kicked in as I forgot to take my drink bottle).

***sighs*** guess I better go and start doing the 20mins on that kitchen (which in reality the weeks dishes would take me about 45 mins.. so kitchen will be left covered in dishes by the time Im at the limit I shouldnt be and wont be going over today no matter how embarrassed Im going to be. It isnt currently worth getting worst for a few weeks)


Just do what you can do, and hide the rest. If you can't finish it, put stuff in a garbage bag and closet it till after people leave and then do it. There's always ways to hide that mess :)

My place is a total mess since they started this horrible construction in here. They are putting in central air. And the workers keep coming in and messing my stuff up. And the stress of them in here is killing me to where I don't get to do the cleaning and it's just all a total mess again. So I've just been like, this is how it's going to be for now and when I can do it, I'll do it.
:) I think my mother would of noticed all my plates and dishes missing if I'd hidden that (she'd brought some of my sets).

In the end I only had half done and couldnt do any more... so mother did the rest. (I felt very bad about that my mother is on disablity due to her wrists.. so doing my dishes gave her a lot of pain and she would of been hurting the next day due to it too).

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