Thyroid & Adrenal glands

I am on my 3rd day of natural thyroid pills, and it's made a clear positive difference from the first day.

I tried natural thyroid once before, but I was a lot less clear about the results because I was trying many other supplements in that month.

I recently read that you need to raise your dose multiple times until you reach a certain level. When I previously tried thyroid, this is clearly what happened to me. It was working, but I didn't raise the dose and my symptoms reappeared. (How did I not know this! I probably knew and forgot!)

I can't wait to be on a higher dose, as I think it will reduce the symptoms more. I'll try and wait 2 weeks before I raise. I'm afraid of having too many side effects if I go faster.

I am using thyroid-s brand. I am splitting my dose into two and when I increase enough, I may split into 3. I am not going to space them evenly through the day, however. That is harder for me to keep up with. I am splitting and spreading them out to avoid peaks.

Since I can tolerate the usual starting dose (1 grain), my adrenals may not be that bad. I read an article about naturally healing adrenals, and I already have done most of the diet and vitamin suggestions.

I have adrenal symptoms, and raw adrenal glandular is cheap, so I will start taking it. I also want to start on licorice extract and ashwaganda root. I am confident these adrenal/cortisol supplements will help me.


This is interesting. My adrenals seemed to be affected badly by natural thyroid, and it only occurred to me recently to try them with adrenal glandular as a help to mitigate any negative effect. Glad you were able to tolerate the thyroid. I hope it makes a big difference for you!

Many sources say you need to fix the adrenals before taking thyroid, if they are really bad, or at the same time.

I ordered dessicated adrenal. I got the Standard Process brand which is only $12.50 on Amazon. Many people advise against using this, but it should be safe to use in spurts with long breaks. Too much makes your adrenals stop working on their own. I don't know what the difference is between dessicated adrenal and "adrenal glandular" and "adrenal cortex".

I also ordered organic licorice root extract. I found someone advising against this too, but most sources recommend it. The liquid is supposed to be better, but I dislike the taste of licorice. I am just assuming it would taste like licorice. Also the Chinese licorice is supposed to be better, but I just went with a cheap type that was organic. If I still need it after this bottle, I might switch to something better. Or I may try a different herb.

I'm already raising my dose to 30mg 3 times a day. When taking it twice a day, I feel it wear off, and my symptoms start coming back more and more. It's still a low dose. Most people stabilize around 2 to 3 times this dose.

I think it's helping my quality of sleep.

I'm also really curious about herbs to help the liver. I've never heard of most of them.
dr. oz had mentioned on his show yesterday about thryroid and over counter medicaition for it...i cant remember what he sais though but if you go on his website maybe you can do a search for thyroid medications...i think hes talked about it before also...

btw sickofsickness i love your profile pic, is that your kitty? very pretty
I find I need thyroid help too, but I dont want to take thyroid meds...i think 2 gard 2 get the dose right and i don't want to be addicted. for me, I am finding the deficiencies I frequently run afoul of that lead to insufficient thyroid hormone are iron and tyrosine. I am coming to a place where i am thinking i might be able to judge iron needed just by how i feel in the morning...if i feel I need caffeine, then i am low on dopamine, and since I am taking tyrosine, the reason would be low iron. so now instead of a constant coffee crutch (oh I still drink my 1 cup or so/ay, but i don't need a lotta-coffee-crutch I pop an iron pill). the iron thing has been nugging me because i was unable to tell i was low until i was short of breath - and then i am very low. but now i think the need-coffee thing is going to be my rule of thumb.

take care.
oooh! that typing was simply horrific. can u tell i am hunt-and-peck and typing in a not well lit room? (well that's the excuse i'm going with anyway). Sorry to blister your eyes with THAT one! -- Trif
I finally tried the dessicated adrenal, and it's wonderful so far. It mostly takes away one of my annoying symptoms in my chest, where I do mild activity (such as walking 10 steps or speaking a sentence in a loud voice) and it feels like I'm pushing myself. With a few more days, I hope that chest symptom will be gone. There is debate on whether it's safe to use dessicated adrenal at all. I am glad I made this choice, because mine seem to be in poor condition. I have had that symptom for over 20 years. I wish I had known. Vitamins C and B5 help adrenals heal too, and I am naturally drawn to foods with these vitamins. I have never tried the licorice or ashwaganda. I may in the future, but think these two thyroid and adrenal supplements could be enough. I will take extended breaks from the adrenals as advised. I hope mine can heal from so many years without treatment.
I thought a natural thyroid would be better but doctor would only rx a synthetic. Thanks for sharing your progress SoS

are you still taking desiccated thyroid?
is it still helping you, any side effects?

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