Three vials of blood on a flight from London to Reno courtesy of Biolabs

Glad your trip went smoothly. Hope your results hurry back to you.


Hi Katie, I was tested yesterday at Biolab too..12.15! I have to admit that I did feel a little odd as a very little part of me was taken away to start its thousand mile+ journey to the States..somewhere where the rest of me has never been! I know exactly how you are feeling, I am really cool about it all now but I guess in a couple of weeks time I may feel differently and be more anxious as I know the results near. I am torn too, not to have a retro virus is a very very good thing and if it is a negative there will honestly be huge relief for myself, my husband and children, yet I have an overwhelming desire to know what is making me ill and if I am honest some justification for my illness.. there are also precautions to be taken if it is positive and there may be repercussions...I am torn in which way I want it to be! I do understand though that the tests are experimental and any current negative is possibly not the end of the story, you are right, this is at the very cutting edge of science and I too am pretty proud to play my own little part in that to help discover what is causing this misunderstood illness and to solve a puzzle which has been disassembled for far too long. I have just about recovered from a 5 week crash and was actually feeling pretty good by my standards yesterday which hope makes no difference to the results, the medics out there will know if it; would there be more virus circulating with a crash and therefore more of a possibility of detecting it? presumption is not...though I really don't know, sorry this is probably a very basic question and I should have paid more attention in biology!

So Katie, good luck with your testing... find that senisble head...I will go and have a hunt around for mine and hope I can find it within the next week or so! Take care.
Hi Katie, I arrived just after 12 (luckily with 10 minutes to spare after a 200 mile journey!) and was sat in the window nervously, trying to guide my husband (parking the car) to the right place who seemed unable to find it despite being equipped with a map and having dropped me off there! It is such a shame, I wish I could have chatted with you, I think I can vaguely remember but was pretty preoccupied with the impending procedure, fortunately not nervous about needles, just that it is a pretty big test day with fundamental results. Wow..big step! Thanks for your comments re the viral load...maybe someone out there may be able to add some more light to it, I am more creative than science based though I have learn't a lot too lately on a need to know basis.

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