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Three generations for Mother's Day

My son Jesse and I went to my moms for an early Mothers Day visit this afternoon. Though we only live a three minute drive away from her, this is the first time since around Christmas that Jesse has been able to make this trip.

I have been over to see her a few times since the New Year, but only a couple of times. It has been probably about two months since Ive been to her house.

Jesse and I both have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We are both recovering at our own rates. Each of us has different symptoms. But there is a core commonality to our lack of stamina, brain fog, and neurological disturbances.

In a way, its good that there are two of us. We understand each other in ways that most people cant.

We spent an hour with my mother today. Not a very long visit, and not what we used to do in the days before we were ill. We used to spend the whole afternoon, pushing into dinner hour.

But about an hour is about what Jesse can handle before he starts to deteriorate, and about an hour is about the limit unless we want him to have to spend the rest of the day flattened in bed afterward.

Which of course, we dont want. So, an hour it is.

It was a nice visit. We shot the breeze, had a few laughs. Exchanged Mothers Day gifts. And then it was time to be on our way.

Not too long after we got home, it was time for both of us to head to our rooms to lay down and rest from the excursions of the day.

This is what special occasions look like, on a good day, in a household with CFS.


Glad to hear you could both enjoy this small excursion. As you say, in one way, it's good there are 2 of you in the househould. Understanding each other's limits & being mindful of them must be very comforting for you.
I am the mother of 2 children who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. My 21 year old daughter has suffered acutely for approx 6 years, and my 13 year old son who has only recently and reluctantly left school because of his condition. Both are under the care of Dr Don Lewis (Melbourne) and my daughter has also been seeing Professor Kenny De Meirlier.
I'm so glad to hear you had the energy to laugh and enjoy yourselves. It's music to my ears to read about people that are experiencing a degree of recovery. So please keep the good day stories coming because when I feel encouraged I spread my enthusiasm and optimism to my kids.
Nice to hear of a good visit! Always a treat to get to see someone outside our normal sphere of living space. :)
Thanks, Vicki.

It was nice. We are lucky to be able to do something like this today.

I'm so sorry to hear about what's happened to your family.

Jesse and I both used to very sick, at different times. He got sick some years after I did. But both of us have had months, even years, when we were vegetables who could hardly walk from one part of the house to the other, when we could hardly speak or understand what was said ... or remember what had been said a moment earlier.

It has been very slow, but we are both considerably better than we used to be. He still stays home near his bed most of the day but he has times when he comes out to the living room and spends a bit of time with me and his dad, and other family members. He'll have to go rest after maybe half an hour ... sometimes after only 5 or 10 minutes ... but things are still better than they were.

I am able to earn some money writing online ... not enough to live on yet but ... we've gone from an income of a few hundred dollars a month (no disablity pensions or anything) to ... about half of what would be a liveable income. My cognitive problems are far less than they used to be, OI, etc., far less.

I hope that you and your family begin to recover and improve ... it is possible for this to happen even if you are all non-functional now. Amazing what can happen sometimes even when it looks like there can be no hope.

I read your blog today. Looks like you had some time outside of your own normal sphere yourself today. Big time. :)
hopefully non-tiring trips are in the future for all of us. it would be nice to get up go at a moments notice without thinking about it! glad you got a little bit in though, hang in there.
Thanks jimbob.

You hang in there too. I hope it happens for you.

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