This week is my 28th anniversary of becoming sick (aka "sickaversary") with ME/CFS

This week is my 28th anniversary of becoming sick (aka "sickaversary") with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at age 16.

I've spent nearly 22.5 years severely affected.

I'm one of millions around the world.

We need more public and private money to make research progress soon, the quicker the better: my life and the lives of others are passing by.

For anyone interested, here's a list of ME/CFS research funds:

Here's my story as told in the Irish Independent in 2015:
'No one chooses to have ME - everything changed when I became ill'

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Sorry to hear it is your 28th year. Like you, my son was diagnosed with ME/CFS at the age of 16. He is now nearly 18 and I am spending much of my time following research and hoping for good news.....a breakthrough, treatment, cure! Thank you for all the wonderful work you do researching and writing about this terrible illness. Hoping that good news come soon for everyone suffering from horrendous disease. Lauren :)
I hear you Tom and had nearly given up on any prospect of returning to normal health. I have just posted a message in 'introduce yourself' which may give you some hope that there ARE solutions.
Thank you for all the good stuff you do, Tom, to inform the ME community & beyond about what is happening in the world of research etc.
Sorry to hear that it's your 28th anniversary...
The end of January saw my 37th anniversary. I am now in my early 60s and have all the problems of abeing as well as severe ME.
Not at all sure there will be any proper treatments in time for me....but am sure you are still young enough to benefit from whatever treatments come along. Hope so, anyway & will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. You deserve to have some live after getting ill so young.
At least I didn't succomb to illness until I got glanduar fever aged 24 so had a bit of an adult life first.....

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