This Was Probably a Mistake, but FWIW...

I stumbled across this forum during a Google search while catching up on the latest "research" (or lack thereof) re: ME/CFS/CFIDS, in particular, the rather amusing attempts by Dr. Simon Wessely to demonstrate that ME/CFS is a "behavioral" condition which responds to CBT - and his more recent backpedaling subsequent to his own studies concluding that maybe it isn't [merely behavioral], or at least, it doesn't [respond]. This forum provided a wealth of information, indeed more than I ever wanted to know, about the opinions of Dr. Wessely.
I've written a blog post about that, here:
Turns Out, It's All in Your Head.

And I've met some wonderful people on the forum! However, I think it may have been a mistake to get involved, for the simple reason that there is just SO MUCH INFORMATION, most of which I cannot benefit from in any useful manner, being broke and without health insurance (even if I were inclined to seek treatment from a mainstream doctor, which I'm not). The endless discussions back and forth, all the nit-picky details and laboratory findings that seem to point somewhere, only to be contradicted by the next set of data, abundant links to studies that may or may not be relevant or conclusive, but are quite interesting all the same, and the stories of real people bravely battling a real disease that cripples the body while we are told it's all in our head, and in any case, our "data" is "only anecdotal" - it's just overwhelming. I would be tempted to spend WAY too much time and energy here! And it would be "one MORE thing to DO." You all know how that feels...

As it is, I am currently working 2 jobs, as a yoga teacher and "psychic" [in lieu of Psychologist, my M.A. credentials not being valid in Florida where I live, the same state which likewise denied my SSDI which the doctors in California were sure I would get]. I will be starting on an another Famous Psychic Line in the near future, so I'll be a very busy girl with my 3 jobs and taking care of the 9-acre farm where I live with my husband, 2 horses, cat and numerous reptiles, and grow organic vegetables.

I already hang out regularly on Facebook and Advanced Yoga Practices and a couple of other forums from time to time, and I write two blogs in addition to Living with CFIDS, of which I will post links to my last few entries, in case anybody might enjoy reading it:
My Battle with CFIDS
First Diary Entry
Diary 08/15/2014
I was supposed to write a "diary" but I kind of forgot, thanks to brain fog, so I will just be posting things sporadically as they come up, and I may share them here.

Anyway, you guys are wonderful and knowledgeable and have made me feel very welcome, but I probably won't be on this forum much, per the above considerations. Thanks for your kindness. All the best to everyone!


It pays to be selective on where you read. Please feel free to come and go as you need to. Several regular posters in the past on PR are still my friends, elsewhere on the net. We all have different limitations.

Its sad about the non-recognition of credentials. I wish things were better.

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