This time, something fun, "246 - Taking our Narrowboat Across The River Mersey with Cruising the Cut & London Boat Girl"

After all that serious stuff posted, this time, something fun, a UK canal boat video.
I enjoy several different the YouTube channels done by live-aboard narrowboaters.
This particular video is a break from their normal canal cruising.

246 - Taking our Narrowboat Across The River Mersey with Cruising the Cut & London Boat Girl
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Todays cruise is a big one. We are take our Narrowboat, which usually stays on quiet and calm canals. Out on the the Mighty, Tidal River Mersey. We cross from The Liverpool Docks to Ellesmere Port and it's a bit of an adventure. Not many Narrowboats venture onto the Mersey. Our pilot had only taken 4 this year and there is a reason for that, as well as being quite a scary prospect there are a lot of logistics and planning to do and then you need to make sure you have the right weather on the day. Michael arranged everything and we had a really wonderful trip.
We hope you enjoy watching


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