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This past week...
  • I ordered a bunch of stuff off Amazon that I needed. Like, truly needed. And I sent some of it to the wrong address.

  • I had a conversation with a nice lady whom I thought was the one whose house I had stayed at last week. I only found out afterwards, from someone else, that she's someone I'd never met before.

  • I called and left a voicemail for the wrong contact. Both their names began with "B" and they had the same area code. Apparently that's all it takes.

  • I locked myself out of my trailer. Weird thing is I knew I was leaving the keys inside, I knew I'd e right back in, but for some reason I still locked the door behind me as I left.
This all happened in the past week.

I have been incapable of resting for 6 days straight, thanks to moving in with people who don't get it. Every day it's a new insult to my body, whether it's the dog barking right under my window, the smoke alarm going off, someone spilled gasoline and didn't think to inform me, and on and on it goes. Normally, I'd have one major day and then make sure to do nothing for at least the next 4 days in order to recover. This is just continuous major days after day after day.

My healing is stalled, and it's no wonder. Healing cannot happen without rest.


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