This is supposed to be a secret, BUT.....

I went to the doctor on Monday. I had the 3rd shot. I found out from my doctor, that I am not supposed to talk about this shot. Not supposed to let anyone know how I am doing or how much it's helping my energy levels or allergies. Not to mention the lack of fibro pain. The fact that I went to a concert the other night, Dave Matthews Band and then went down South for the 4th and felt.......GOOD. I have written about how much it's helping before.

So, I will just say, that I will let you know how something, God knows what...has come along and breathed life into me again. No more crying day after day. No more eating and getting sick or being up all night from allergies and itching. No more, "No I can't do that" or this, or I can't eat this. Not so many "no's" anymore. To be able to go to the pool for 4 hours and then go out after dinner that night after having come home and taken a shower. Ok, many know what I am talking about; that requires a lot of spoons. I was able to do that EFFORTLESSLY. REALLY. Then, to come home from dinner and go for a walk and repeat a similar scenario the next day. No more horrible fibro pain.

This is the first time of this. The question; Will this last? Will it? Will I be one of those that can go off of it after a year and never have to take it again? It's so expensive. But is it really? Hmmm. To be able to eat ice cream again and poundcake. To have meatballs and FOOD. What a concept. To not have to eat rice and drink water and then take benadryl every night at bedtime. Holy shit. My emotions are more stable. I am away from the computer, not needing to be on here. Why? Because I am living. I am reading books and concentrating again. I read this whole weekend. One day I was sitting at a pool and with noise and children, I read 60 pages. The noise didn't bother me at all.

I am able to take naps again. My body seems relaxed now, unlike before where I felt wired all the time. Food allergies and auto immune discord can make your body and mind nuts. I felt obsessed before. Obsessed with everything negative. I was so emotionally unbalanced. Not anymore. I am logical and I can think again.

Ok, that's all I will say. For now.

And I will also say this; I have no idea to tell people where they can go for these shots. I have looked online and there is hardly anything written because they are so new. They are being kept tight lipped. If you live in Europe, they originated in Germany, but where? I don't know and my doctor isn't saying. It sucks. I wish I had more to offer. More info. I have had to find out as time goes on about these shots from my doctor, only when I am in his office. The good news is, I am the guinea pig here and more will be uncovered as time goes by.

Everyone in my life can tell that I am doing better. My mom, my friends, and others with CFS. My voice is stronger. I am not as down. I have more energy, although not right now. It's 100 degrees here on the East Coast and it's awful. I feel weak and there are warnings all over the news and power outages.

I have to say, I am still nervous. You know how it is. Will it last? Will it continue to work or will it just stop working? I was also told that even though I can now eat foods that I couldn't before, don't overdo. The key to the shot is still trying more than anything to fix the immune system with the shot. If I continue to indulge in junk food, which I normally never eat; this is no good for my already weak system. So, it's all about balance and working on healing.

I want to keep you abreast and let you know how I am on this new found treatment. However, I am sworn to secrecy. UGH. Just like the stem cells.


Thank you...fingers and toes are crossed but good. It was a great show and really long. He is still so good to see live.
I am glad you are doing better, and I really hope it lasts, but oh I wish you could tell us more

why is it secret?

are there side effects?

are there plans to eventually make this more mainstream? are there clinical trials being run (or have there been)?
No side effects. I have no idea about making it mainstream. I am not sure if there are trials. It isn't FDA approved.
It's great you're doing well. Maybe since it's not standard of care, doc is afraid he'd lose his license.
I'd love to investigate it more myself! Maybe will PM you.
Yes, I know my doc is nervous about these shots. It is nice to have a doc who makes an effort. HE has always tried but I have always been such a hard case.
It’s really great to hear your improvement! Especially in light of the difficulties you previously posted about. Your doctor must be onto something powerful. Hopefully your progress will continue. I wonder if this treatment is effective for our population generally, or if results vary widely, like most things with CFIDS. I wonder what the risks are. I’m filled with curiosity…as well as some hopefulness.
I know that they told me that many have no ill effects from it. In fact, no one has reported anything negative so far. I am not sure how most do with it, they get better? I don't know. I just know that I was a ship that felt like I was going down. Eating was so hard for me and not fun. is!!
I have my fingers & toes crossed for you (& everything in between cross & re-crossed).

I DO SO hope the positive effect continues.
wow that's awesome. Im so interested in your shots. Thou you cant tell us what it is.. can you tell us what kind of drug it is?? antiviral? immune booster drug? vitamin?
ah sorry for asking.. i've just looked at your other blog and found out you'd mentioned it "I am doing peptide amino acid shots. For anyone who doesn't know what they are, they are shots for allergies"

I know people can get desenitizing injections to allergies. Is this a special kind? I dont know if amino acids are in them normall or not.

ah and thank you for sharing something which is a secret :p
I was tested for a missing sequence of amino acids. I came back positive for lacking this sequence of aminos. I am not sure which ones. Honestly, I don't care. They told me they could replace them by giving me one mega shot of them a month. I have had 3 now. All I know, is that after the 2nd one...I could eat. Like eat and not have a rash, not be up all night long and my brain started feeling ALIVE and better. No more crying spells and immune system bonker out of control BS. Not that I don't have problems. Just not like I was.

I was going down a one way street and I think it was to hell in a handbasket. I feel like I am in the movie Frankenstein, when his inventor screams, "It's alive." I am living again. : )


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