This is how I know he's a keeper...

So, I recently got 3 teeth pulled. They were all infected, so they had to go.

Predictably, my body crashed - I slept about 22 hours/day for 3 days straight. I haven't left this room in 4.

He held my hand through the entire procedure. When I was traumatized from the immense pain and had them stop to give me a break while I sobbed, he hugged me until I felt ready to continue.

He has kept track of my meds for me, fixing food every 4 hours 'round the clock so that I can eat and take pain meds. He does this with a smile and a kiss. Never the slightest bit of resentment. Not even in the middle of the night.

But you know what really makes him a keeper?

Even though the bathroom is right next to his bedroom, I have not had the energy to put on clothes and a gas mask in order to pee. So I pee into a bottle, and he empties it for me. (I recommend a Nalgene 96-oz cantene bladder for its high capacity and ease of use)

Truth be told, if I really needed to make it, I could. But the very thought of it exhausts me.

He knows this. He doesn't mind. "Whatever you want love" he'll say with a kiss. And I can tell that he means it.

It's things like this that remind me I'm the luckiest woman alive. ;)


Aww thanks @hellytheelephant for the comment. I'm glad I brought you a bit of happiness this morning.

Regarding pee bottles, I've also used the Piddle Pail, but that only holds 36 ounces and you can't tell very easily how full it is. The Nalgene bladder has the same size opening, is clear, and comes in a variety of sizes, but I prefer the 96 ounce because I can easily use it for a day and a half if necessary and still have room!

The things you learn... LOL
That is so awesome, Dainty! Yes, he is a keeper! I am so glad that you found each other! And that pee bottle info may well come in handy because I have had days where I needed one and am sure I will again.
Nice story, wish my ex-wife had been even half as caring... just filling out divorce forms now, lol. Just wanted to ask: how did you know that the teeth were infected? Could you feel it, ie, were they painful? Or did you go to the dentist and get x-rays, and that was how you knew? Thanks :)
@David Jackson they were quite painful at first, and then over the years they got less so as the nerve died. I went to the dentist and got x-rays and such.
This story reminds me of what i went through few months back in the dental surgery and its damm painful, you had headaches, don't like to eat. Danity you are lucky couple wish you good luck
You are blessed indeed. Sorry for the dental stuff. I, too, have a loving partner. I am incredibly grateful for him. (And sometimes sad/sorry for the impact of my illness on him). Hope you are feeling better.

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