things i'd like to do, dammit!

always i would like to do more - run, jump, skip, play - and i sort of miss going out -
listening to a band and dinner. would love to go back to work part time.
would like to go on a camping weekend.
suddenly had the hankering to go to a bike rally.
would like to be able to walk further than 30 metres.
tidy my room.
make some phone calls.
cook something.
do my own damn shopping (even though i really appreciate home delivery).
move out of parents' and back to my place living alone DAMMIT.
travel a bit.
eat cheese.
drive my car.
walk up some stairs. walk down some stairs.
sing something.


i seriously agree with the shopping bit i would like to travel to town to buy my own shoes but travelling in vehicles overwhelms me. sick of sending parcels back because the pictures and descriptors in catalogs are so miss leading.
Ive just come out of 6 months of heck and I can now walk about 100mtres, I also had anemia and iron tabs are helping,so much Id love to do,really think this is a spiritual thing too though and leaves me with plenty of stillness to look at myself.....Jesus has been my saviour throughout and I continue to improve in His loving light..

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