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Things I have done recently that I would not have been able to do before

1. Go to a gig (end Feb 2019). I think the last time I went to a gig was July 2017. It was a huge gig in a stadium - not talking about a small pub gig. Though I can't remember having been at a small pub gig since 2017 either :)

2. Walk at a normal speed. This is thanks to my rollator. It was only for a few minutes but it was still something.
For most of that walk I was walking v slow... a man in his 70s with a limp overtook me!

That's all I can think of for now. Things I would like to be able to do:
- go on dates
- socialise once a week instead of every 2 weeks
- 'projects' like using eBay to sell things I want to get rid of
- plan to cook good food and be able to cook it
- leave the house and walk daily instead of only twice a week
- be able to drink coffee or at least get to a cafe and hang out with a book


Wow, went to a gig (of any size)- congratulations!
It's really great to have a "high" experience like that even if it's only once in a while.

Also on the walking (nature therapy)...
(Last summer I had a day when I could "hike" for the first time... very slowly on a short zero grade trail with many sit down breaks. Yes people decades older than me passed me by.)
This sounds very positive and hopeful lior. Well, going to a stadium gig is amazing! I know I couldn't cope with that.
(cliche alert coming up...lol)
Take it steady. Nice and steady. Wishing you all the best :):tulip:
@cb2 I WANT to get rid of things but I haven't been able to! Right now there's a box of books in my line of sight from where I sit in bed each day... it's been there for 3 months and I haven't been well enough to start looking at how to sell them.
oh I am sorry. I miss read your post :( dont know if its the eyes or the brain! I am impressed you were well enough to go concert. I can always gauge how well i am doing or not if i miss madonna when she comes around. hopefully getting out to the concert is a good sign of your making progress in the right direction. one book at a time maybe?
@cb2 yes I hope it's a good sign, though I'm a little worried I'm doing too much when I do things and then doing things more infrequently... I get into a mindset that I can do more when I push past my limits and it's hard to go back to doing so little.
So cool that you've seen Madonna!!
Yes @lior try not to push past your limits. I start to feel better then get one day after the other like that....so start going back to living normally (ish) And can lose touch with messages from my body. Then the crash comes. Go steady. But it all does sound good and positive! Wishing you the best!
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Madonna does a fabulous show I have to say. I missed her the last time. she always has so many talented people and usually a powerful message. I am just trying to learn "pacing" and to see what my limits are. Is pacing how you are able to be making progress, if you dont mind my asking? have you seen or worked with any of the pacing tools on the cfs self pacing website?

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