things are not as they seem

Sometimes i zoom out, to the macrocosmic view. To remember the larger picture. To see outside of my mysterious illness. Sometimes, that macrocosmic view does not land on the spiritual end but more on the physical world level. :rolleyes::eek::jaw-drop: That has a few pros and MANY cons. Yet, is necessary sometimes. For me.

"Chronic disputes which divert precious resources from the needs of the people or drain the energies of both sides....serves the interests of no one. The badge of responsibility in the modern world is a willingness to seek peaceful solutions. It is never too early to try and never too late to talk."

He was killed by the evil that is finally taking over today (worldwide). The kind of evil that is beyond administrations. Way beyond. We don't have to believe it to see it with our own eyes these days. We are amazing trusting, good human beings. That... may be our greatest downfall.

a song playing in my mind quite a bit lately...
(warning: not for everyone, contains language)


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