The Wetsuit Diaries....Part 1

I don't really have a specific date when my CFS started, it come on slowly over a 2 year period during 2012/2013. Never had the swollen glands, sore throat or any viral type symptoms, whatever subgroup of this menacing affliction that puts me in.

Undoubtedly, its' CFS says my GP and 2 immunologists. KDM opted for the "late stage lyme disease" choice.

I do remember one particularly bad day in 2013 when I was supposed to go body boarding, put on the wetsuit and waited patiently for my lift to arrive, within minutes I started sweating like Katie Price on Countdown. It improved me hugely within a few hours, the first signs I had of a detoxification issue. Suffice to say, iv'e since developed my detox strategies to include baths, saunas and steam rooms to avoid parading around the front room in a wetsuit. However, whatever it takes, eh.

Fast forward to 2016 and the exploratory mission into CFS recovery continues.

A 23andme test did reveal status as a possible poor methylator, I seemed to have more mutations than a teenage mutant ninja turtle. Homocysteine come back at an optimum 7.0 umol, leaving that stone turned.

A patient of Hale Clinic (for those unfamiliar with Harley Street, its a place in London where its expensive to breathe) for 3 months revealed a plethora of information about myself. I hated travelling with CFS, I hated paying £1200 a time for injections of Vitamin C, Gluthathione, Magnesium and alkaline drips. Someone was getting richer and I wasn't ready for the commonwealth games by any stretch. A brief and almost electric pick-up after treatment had quickly diminished by 24 hours later, adding further fuel to my "bad detoxifier" notion. Something was askew in my methylation pathway. Anyway, £15,000 lighter I decided to give it up as a financially bad job and my return to quick health was as elusive as quicksilver.

A visit to Brussels to see the world famous Dr.Kenny was a must. A genuine man with a eloquent way, without being bashful. Around €5000 of tests it was decided I had Late Stage Lyme disease, combined with a Vo2 max result of a paltry 41% of max output. Low cd56 and cd57 topped the charts, suggestive of a Th2 shift, another sort of "grey" area of immune imbalance that is generally dismissed by mainstream medical fraternity.
Lyme disease, I doubt that for some reason, its just didn't feel or sound right to me. I wasn't bitten or don't recall a bite,,,I am nowhere near woody areas with ticks, my onset was slow, I would imagine lyme disease should come on as a infection.

The th1/th2 immune test by redlabs I did showed a far right Th2, in line with PWME expectations.!about1/c1h6u

If this is so accurate and 96% of non-CFS controls show balanced immune system, why is it grossly overlooked as a biomarker, are the results manipulated?? God I wish someone would explain to me.

Nonetheless, as per the suggestion of redlabs I promptly added lactoferrin and BetaGlucan to my ever growing list of amazon re-orders. I bought more shares in amazon to benefit from the next quarters results. I hope its not insider trading when taking advantage of a order list with the GDP of Tibet. My postman now thinks I have an amazon fetish of sorts, put me down for the amazonholics next meeting I told him.

More tests, why the hell not,I'll just keep ordering ones till i find something wrong with me, surely i'll eventually hit the three "7"s.
This January I spun the wheel again and landed on a NeuroAdrenoPanel by Labrix and a Amino Acid Profile by Genova.

The amino acid profile was interesting, low out of range in glycine, serine, taurine and glutamine. Critical aminos for repair and detoxification. More shares purchased. Coincidentally the 23andme panel analysis was quite clear I would have greater needs for some of these aminos due to my ninja turtle mutations, notably the BHMT which causes decreased production of glycine.

The NueroAdrenal profile provided even more startling facts about my neurotransmitters.
Neurotransmitter Test Result Units L WR H Reference Range
Serotonin 46.81 µg/gCr 74.13 - 111.19
GABA 1.74 µMol/gCr 2.67 - 6.74
Dopamine 89.87 µg/gCr139.1 - 208.7
Norepinephrine 7.41 µg/gCr28.07 - 42.11
Epinephrine 1.56 µg/gCr 3.36 - 5.05
Glutamate 18.05 µMol/gCr 60.69 - 91.03

So, not one neurotransmitter in range..that ain't good. Even discounting the fact that urine neurotransmitter samples are not totally accurate and can vary quite a lot during the day, its doesn't paint a rosy picture.

So, back onto E-trade for more amazon stock, followed by supplements to help my scatty and inadequate neuros...L-gluatamine, GABA, L-Theonine and a few others.

I have a chat with Dr.Lam soon to see if he can put a guiding hand over this neurotransmitter conundrum.

That was this week and I gleefully await the arrival of the perplexed postman again with the cardbox box of supplements from you know who.

So, that's its for now. Targeted amino acid treatment combined with methylation protocol and LDN. Lactoferrin and beta glucan for good measure to see if I can bend back to neutral from th2.

Adieu from my wetsuit and I.
Till next month.
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In this recent talk Jarred Younger talks about how all the neurotransmitters, indeed all our systems, will be affected and out of range due to ongoing inflammation. He's a fan of LDN. as am I.

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