The UK Disability Crisis: The Pacifist's version of a Nuclear Hand Grenade

There is a blog entry describing the impact of the slashes to social support for the disabled in the UK.

I just launched the pacifists version of a nuclear hand grenade. Here is what I said:

This situation is a disgrace for the UK. There are people who care all over the world. I am one of them. I am also disabled though from illness not injury.

If politics fails, if reason fails, if compassion fails, if petitions fail, if legal recourse fails, you can still take down the government. You have the power to see them lose office and not regain it for more than a generation.

How many disabled are there in the Great Britain? Ten million? Eighteen percent of the population? Well people can run national strikes. Sick people can run a national civic disobedience campaign. Some will not be able to, but with a population base of ten million, not counting carers, it can be done. Some will not want to, they will find ways to survive despite the cuts.

What of the rest? If you are close to suicide, don't give in to despair. Give in to anger. Put yourself in the local hospital, government lobby, somewhere you will be seen. Stay. They will arrest many of you at first. The question is how desperate will this become? If desperate enough, millions of you can do this. Millions being arrested? I don't think so. Millions going through the court, crawling or being wheeled to the docks? Watch the collapse of the judicial system. Millions in prison or other institutions? There are not enough institutions and no way to fund them. Instead of miserly benefits to disabled people, they will have to pay a steadily rising toll of costs that will be far worse than the financial crisis. It will scare the hell out of them. It will bring down the government. It will put them in such disrepute that a generation later they will be lamenting their folly.

At the same time, keep several national registers of suicide rates and other deaths by neglect. Write them up in a blog: War on the Disabled killed 22 today - total 2378 for the year. Keep putting it out there. 35 put on the street today, 18 died of neglect, total for this year is now 2394. Euthanasia By Stealth Kills another 12.

I have been thinking about this for my own country (Australia) should we go the way of the UK. These are my plans for my country, although for now we are moving away from this direction, but I don't see why this cannot work elsewhere.

Please, no violence. We need people to use reason and compassion. These things disappear when violence is involved. Reason and compassion are the solution, so they should be our method too.

I hope it doesnt come to this. I can see it not happening because too many disabled people will be too scared, and they will die quietly in their hundreds. I can see it not happening because the government passes draconian laws in the fashion of dictatorships. I can see it not happening ... because the people of the UK rise up and demand the government stop.

If you think this might work, keep a copy. Expect this post to disappear off the web. I hope you never need to do any of this, I hope your government finally embraces reason and compassion.

Alex Young, aka alex3619, Australia, Advocate

I realize this is a contraversial thing to do, and it could have repercussions. I also realize that hundreds of thousands of people are suffering willful neglect, abuse and death by stealthy euthanasia. Silence is consent.

Probably I will be ignored. I may well be labelled a crank. However if the current situation in the UK is allowed to continue, millions will suffer, and thousands will die. It can be stopped. The best place to stop it is before it even begins.
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I massively underestimated the number of deaths. Last year it probably topped 100,000 since the beginning. How many will the total be by the end of this year? Why is this not genocide?

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