The teachings of Don Juan... my take on it all

All paths lead nowhere. At the end for all is death, whatever that may mean. The only thing that counts is that the path has heart.

If the way has a heart, the way is a good way. It will make you joyful and strong.

Without heart, the path will make you curse your life, and make you weak.

The first enemy of the way is fear. If you run away, you loose the path. You may become a bully, or a weak ineffective fool.

Be fully afraid, but do not stop. Follow the road, and after many tests you will conquer fear. Become strong.. Acquire clarity. The second enemy.

Clarity blinds to doubt. and prevents further understanding. At this stage, if you do not question and doubt, you may become a clown, or a buoyant warrior.

Defy clarity. Use it to see, but understand its limitations. Now you will have power. The strongest of enemies.

Realise that power is not yours to abuse. Question and control it.

Then inevitably the fourth enemy arises. Old Age. This one cannot be permanently defeated, only held off.

No more fears or impatience. Clarity of mind without self delusion. Power in check. Fighting off old age. For a short time one can be a person of knowledge.

We are all connected. No man is an island. What hurts one hurts all.

What we do with our lives matters to the world, and changes it.

Gathered from the teachings of Don Juan, and other places


Silver linings, perhaps CFS has given you time to think and write? You have such interesting thoughts, it's always a pleasure to read them. I am grateful for your clarity of mind.
I love this. It's not preachy and it's right on. I loved this. THANK YOU!! A good heart is so important.
I was worried that it was a bit heavy.. I wrote it some time ago, and have it on my noticeboard. It stands the test of time.

Watch out, not too much praise (though I do love it x) or I'll post the Desiderata next - not that I wrote that! I guess you can tell I'm an old hippie lol.
Thanks, Jace, for the review of Don Juan's teachings, through the filter of your understanding. It is helpful to me today--


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