The Surgerys

if you haven't read my first blog....check it out. It has details you will need for this.

So I am scheduled for my first fess surgery. I wait the month still having a sinus infection. The surgery goes well. It's in a surg a centre in a office building (warning 1). I wake up sore and bleeding, he said he fixed it all and no more sinus infections for me. He had to pack me because I was a gusher (warning 2). So I have some severe pain going on in my sinuses. It takes me 2 weeks to heal at home and back to work.

I notice I still have a sinus infection. The ENT dr is seeing me every 2 weeks. Every visit requires a office surgery. He scrapes my sinuses and cuts out scar tissue. He starts escalating my antibiotics. After 2 months we do another ct and the polyps are back. He says we should remove them again and do a roter rooter of my sinuses. It's more in depth then then office scrape (warning 3). So I reluctantly agree and we wait a Month.

I wake up,slower this time from surgery. I graduated from EMT school so I know how to trick the ol pulse ox machine. They wanted to send me to the hospital but I got it up temporarily. It takes me another 2 weeks to heal enough to back to work.

So during this surgery he broke a salvary gland in my mouth, but he wasn't sure if it was cancer or a broken salvary glad. He said, we can cut it out at the surgery center. ....again.

I am also now seeing him every 3 days (warning 4) to cut out scar tissue and suck crap out of my sinuses. He escalates the antibiotics to levaquin. I start having hip and leg pain. The ENT says keep taking it.

I go see my primary care dr and he says. Maybe stop the levaquin. He does a full blood work up and everything is fine. My primary dr says I should change how much I work. I should sleep more. I laughed and fired him.

I see a new primary care dr in my town and he said my leg pain is due to not reading his magazine he sells. If I read it several times a month I will be way more healthy. He made us wait 2 hours to tell me that! After this visit I wake up smelling dead bodies.

You might be asking how I know what bodies smell like? EMT school and Katrina.

Anyway I only smell it when I smell something strong. So when I don't smell something no dead body smell. So I call my PCP, magazine guy, he says "probably a brain tumor" Schedules me a MRI.

MRI comes back clean. ....I fire his ass.

So now I'm still seeing the ENT every 3 days. He recommends surgery again to fix my sinuses. My wife fires the ENT.

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