The strange and oblivious behaviour of some of my relatives

It is strange.
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M.E. makes other people strange. We don't understand it, our doctors don't understand it, psychiatrists lie about it and other people believe and spread the lies.

So in a way it's understandable if other people don't understand.

But when they don't believe us, does it mean that they never trusted us? Do they think we have just lost our sanity?
Hehe MeSci in fact this blog entry was a lot larger but I auto-censored myself because I felt it was too agressive/negative. Yes I think and I have been told that is exactly what some of them think. Mostly what happens is that you are asking people to go against what the doctor/psychiatrist says and that is asking doubting the system. Is too much for many so they prefer to turn on you. Is scary to realize how much the authorities in this society lie to us.
I don't know who's approaching insanity. It appears that communities have been ex-ing those whose illness is misunderstood for ages. Isn't it time for them to get a clue? the xxxx-ed, Izola

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