The start

I wanted to fully tell my story. I have told it before but in different places so I want it all in one place. I am Going to focus on my sickness and health stuff here. Later i will talk about the whys and my work as people tell me it's interesting.

I was a healthy kid growing up in Colorado. My parents were Jehovah's witnesses. So that made me a jw. I spent 3, 2 hour church meetings a week sitting listening to people talk about boring crap. My biggest problem was that I was really smart. Not like math smart, I could read at a college level before I got to middle school. I consumed books by the box load.

As a kid I was healthy, rarely saw the dr. As a kid from as far back as I can remember I was always awake. My favorite time is 2am when the world is still. I slept 4-6 hours a day.

My parents were very focused on excelling at being a jw not at traditional schooling. So my entire school career I probably did homework 15 times. I could just read the material in class and spit it back out on a test or whatever. Because of this I graduated high school and just went looking for a job.

I found a great company that rewarded people for just being smart and making good decisions. I started as a front line employee and within 4 years I was working in the corporate hq. I moved around different jobs. I helped negotiate contracts and worked as a legislative contact. I worked with the fcc, FEMA, and the White House solving problems they had during the Katrina response. I worked as a TV producer on live shows and million dollar commercials. I love working. We would often work 20 hours a day for shows for a week.

My schedule the months before I got sick was, Flying Monday night, sleeping 2 hours then up hauling gear and ahooting interviews all Tuesday and Wednesday. Editing overnight, then flying back and delivering video. I had just been promoted to the company's marketing team doing super technical work.

We were covering the killing of a sea world employee by a killer whale. On the flight back I lost hearing because I had a severe sinus infections. So my wife convinced me to go see a dr. He gave me some antibiotics and steroids. I got better, then I started getting fevers, they would go to 103.4. I probably should have gone to the ER, but I didn't. I was getting fevers everyday finally my dr gave me stronger antibiotics and sent me to a ENT.

He did a CT and more antibiotics. He found severe nasal polyps and some structural damage and so he scheduled FESSS surgery. At this point I only had migraines and sinus infections


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