The Sad and Short Tale of Skye Dailor

Elle put up a video on Youtube today, and I thought it deserved mentioning. There's a segment in it about Skye Dailor.

Skye Dailor was thirteen years old when she was diagnosed with CFIDS in 1989. She tried to keep going to school, it only made her much worse. And the other kids decided she was a great target to torture. They would treat her like she had the plague and ostracize her at lunchtime. And they would tell her if she was so sick, she should kill herself. She was only able to handle a year of the abuse and the disease. She ended up swallowing a bottle of pills and dying at age 14. She died on the eve of DeFreitas, Bell, and Chaney's announcement that they had found a new retrovirus in 1990. Something that should have changed the world's outlook on CFIDS. Instead, the world buried the news and let the suffering go on and on.

Skye's brother never forgot his sister. He even had her name tattooed on his neck. He went on to become a successful drummer in a heavy metal band called Mastodon and they wrote and dedicated an entire album to Skye called Crack The Skye. This is the song called Crack The Skye from the album.

I don't think Skye should be forgotten. That someone so young believed there was no other way out but to kill herself because of this disease and because of the hell the kids at school put her through. Skye and all the others like her should never be forgotten.


Carrigon, I had been ill for 8 years when that was aired. I remember all of this so well. I was in the hospital in 1990 when I received the Chronicle and the big news. I remember being so excited and thinking, "Wow, DeFreitas is from Wharton...very cool!" In 1991 there was a huge conference in Philadelphia with Cheney and Bell. Again, so excited. I, and a bunch of other CFS'ers went. I remember my enthusiasm and feeling like around the corner, there would be a cure.

BUT, that was 20 years ago. Nothing has really changed. At least not in my book. These viruses or mice viruses, or whatever they are. I don't pay attention anymore. I am tired of the let down. DO SOMETHING. FIND SOMETHING AND A WAY TO TREAT IT. Step in government. I am just older now and more tired. Exhausted from trying to change what I couldn't, or can't.

It's hard to watch that from Primetime. All of these years later and here I am still unwell and with no better a treatment then then. And so many of us in the same boat. It's been years for us. No better a name, no change in name. What a joke.

Skye was a beautiful girl and it is so sad what became of her. And there are so many people who have followed in her shoes. She won't ever be forgotten. No one who has died from this illness will be forgotten. At least not by us, or their families.
I agree that the most amazing thing is we are in the same position we were years ago. We're still sick, governments are still in denial. No one seems to care we're sick. I don't know when things will change.
I think we need to make some kind of memorial for the fallen ones, which also probably could of been any one of us. When the time is right, we display it in front of the cdc, hhs etc. and make them realize what they have done!
I want the CDC held accountable for every death and all the years of suffering. They let this balloon into a world wide epidemic and covered it up.

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