The question concerns serology and "tired B-cells"

Hello, I have some questions, and I will be happy if someone has the answers.

Swedish healthcare thinks generally that indication of active / reactivated infection means that IgM is outside the reference in most (all?) infectious diseases.

However, there are researchers and clinicians who believe that antibody titers (IgG) about 4 times what is considered normal – reflect an active / reactivated infection.

There is a new study shows that B-cells “can be tired”.

“Under the influence of inflammatory messengers, so called interferons, B cells produce as many antibodies as they possibly can. Unfortunately, this hasty response occurs at the expense of sustainability. B cells that turn on antibody production too quickly lose their potential to proliferate and die shortly thereafter.”

Remember, the b-cells produce IgG and IgM…

What do you think? Is this phenomenon more evident when it comes to herpes virus. Can we also assume that Lyme disease, mycoplasma and other bacterial diseases may indicate the same thing?

If IgM may decrease over time and actually be within the normal reference, the serology tests will maybe not work as we suppose to?

Merry Christmas!

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