The power of gratitude

I wanted to share one thing that has really changed my life for the better recently. A couple of years ago I found myself dwelling on all the negative situations around me and finding it hard to see the positive. I had been hearing people like Oprah and some pastors talk about gratitude journals. My first thought was that this would be a waste of time. I decided I would try it anyway and made it one of my New Year's resolutions.

So each night when I went to bed I made a mental note of at least 5 things from the day that I could find to be grateful for. At first I had to force myself to do this as I am by nature a pessimist. I really had a tough time finding something to be grateful for on days where I had not been feeling well or was just cranky. As I continued to do this I noticed a slight change in me for the better. I was becoming aware of the positive things in my life that were occurring throughout the day. I was reminded that my life was filled with blessings as well as struggles.

This was back in 2008. I have continued this practice in my life ever since. When something good happens to me, I make a mental note of it and thank God for it right when it is happening. I feel that it has helped me through many difficult situations. When we only see the negative in our lives it keeps us in a cycle where we feel defeated and depressed. When we can switch that over to also seeing the positive, we realize that we are blessed no matter what is going on in our life. There is always someone dealing with something worse than your situation. So today I encourage you to try and find 5 things you are grateful for in your life.

Not a day goes by that I miss doing this. Something that only takes a few minutes really can have a big impact on your life...what do you have to lose by trying it?


I think I am with you on this. It is so amazing what is hidden in even the not-so-happy moments. I broke out with a bad rash - immune system is going bonkers. Just one more thing. So... The meds to combat the rash make me sleep, something that has not been happening as well as it was previously. I itch like crazy, but I sleep! Rather odd thing to be grateful for drug side effects, but I am! :)
That's great GracieJ. I don't sleep more than a couple of hours a night w/o waking up, so I know that is a blessing. =) It can be tough to see the blessings when things are so dark, but they are there.

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