The Payback

Anything normal I do, screaming pain flare. I am so sick of this. I can't do one normal thing in life without having severe, screaming pain all over later on.

I went foodshopping today. I had to. When I run out of stuff and start eating badly, I get worse. And I was out of money till today. So, since I came home, massive, screaming pain flare. And I have inflammed nerves in my hands and arms, too. Just screaming pain all over.

Most people take foodshopping for granted. It's nothing to a normal, healthy person to go to the store and then do a million other things in life.

For me, foodshopping is hell. It's just pure hell. If I'm not getting sensory overload from the store, it's just the general movement. Walking all over it, putting the stuff at the cashier, putting it in the car. Getting home. Putting it away. Massive screaming pain flare.

And I'm so tired of trying to explain to people why small things make me so sick. They don't understand. Just walking across street to the management office here when I have to, nearly kills me. And they just don't understand.

Cooking nearly kills me. I get lightheaded at least halfway through.

Just anything normal sets me back or makes me really sick or gives me the pain flare up.

And I haven't found a way to stop it yet.


Yeah I gave food shopping up awhile back as I started getting too anxious while at the store, which in turn set off my vertigo.
Not to mention the sensory overload so I know exactly what you are talking sucks.

Well I guess the only good thing, is it's done for a week now hopefully you can recuperate.
Hi Carrigon,

Sorry you are having a rough time and in pain. I have had back pain recently and it is very distracting and can wear on person. I acutally love to cook and eat but it takes most of my energy to shop and cook. It's either take a shower or shop or cook or... but not everything...

I hope tomorrow will be better for you.

Wishing you well,
I caved in and took the pain pills. But they will only hit some of the pain. It's just awful.
I'm not advocating that you should take "pain pills", but I'm strongly encouraging you to not stress over whether to take them or not. I think most people take progressive steps to alleviate pain (sit or lay down, take ibuprofen, massage or stretch a muscle) and this works for some people's pain, but not others. It appears that you can take them acutely or as needed and that's a good thing. If you have gone through whatever the normal steps are, for whichever pain is bothering you and you can't get it calmed down to where it is tolerable, then it's time to take another step.

It's time to take a pain pill!! I have a couple personal thoughts that I try to apply when I'm taking pain medication. 1) Take the least amount possible to get rid of 95% of the pain. This is just a mental thing for me and the thought is if I still have a little bit of pain, I'll be reminded that I still have to incorporate some of my other steps to keep the pain down as well. Also, if you are getting rid of all the pain everytime you take pain medication then you are getting closer to experiencing euphoria. Getting this euphoric feeling too often is what pushs some people towards an addiction problem. 2)Be a little proactive - doing a routine activity that will almost certainly cause really bad pain afterwards and require pain medication to eventually control it. I will, instead of waiting till it gets bad, take a half dose at some point and this usually results in less severe pain and lower total dosage of pain pills.

Last thing - You didn't mention what type of pain pill you was taking? Look at possible foods, supplements and other medications that will compliment your pain pill. Examples: Taking a little extra magnesium to relax muscles (as long as there are no contradictions or interactions), most hydrocodone have plenty of acetomenophen with it, but you may be able to add 200mg of ibuprofen as an antinflammatory and I have read this somewhere that dextromethorphan is a catalyst for hydrocodone. ****** This is just an example to illustrate that there may be something that the doctor may prescribe or recommend as a addon or catalyst in hopes of keeping pain medication dosage as low as possible.

Chronically fighting severe pain will harm your body worse than carefully well planned pain medication therapy!

Most important is that I hope your pain would just go away or you can give it to me since I already have it. Feel better soon!!!

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