The much better realm of dreams

Yesterday night I dreamed some very odd and cool stuff. It was a quite lucid dream in which I entered an alternative Universe which was pretty similar to this but it had some slight differences. I don´t remember much, but it was certainty a very very pleasant dream. My daily nightmare in the diurnal realm sometimes gets countered by oniric adventures...
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Little Bluestem yep I am lucky in that aspect. Yesterday night I dreamed that an old bully of my childhood was my friend LOL (thank you brain, this time you are doing good)
But there was a time I had nightmares frequently, and the most common denominator was a feeling of frustration and impotence; of weakness. Me punching the enemy that smiled without showing damage, me trying to escape or scream and falling on my knees exhausted, without voice...
No dreams, just a wondering. What if all the good things in my life got stuck in one dimension and all the bland things got stuck in another and all the bad things got stuck in . . .? Well, . . . that sucks.

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