The Move!

Done this so many times in Ireland; I rent at the bottom of the ladder so it does not always work out...

This time , I vow, will be the last...

It never becomes routine and this move was certainly unusual... Booking a "man with a van" was fine. I wanted fast as I had more than rushed the council who own my new home into my arriving.. It can take months,,

On my first visit here, I had heard that the place was a "demountable dwelling", that had been brought over for an old islander whose ancient house was dangerously unsafe and beyond repair. He had died at almost 100, five years previously and it was empty since. not cleared out etc but I was desperate so told the council I would do all that, And they would see to getting the electricity reconnected,,,

So the ferry was booked, the man with the van booked and all I had to do was pack and sort and cage the cats....

That cottage was 2 miles up a steep and winding mountain track. No edges ......

Man with van arrived, late, with a U-haul behind a 4 x 4, and his son as helper, a fine young man with down;s with a sense of humour and love of dogs...

Wee dog by then was shut in the car while the caged cats were in the bathroom..

Loaded and off they went.

Now remember please I had only used the ferry once. Our ferry is a 12 seater traditional open curragh. And I have a keen imagination. So, while I made the decision to trust the ferrymen who had been sailing these waters since 6 years old, I would really rather not witness all my worldly goods being piled high above the Atlantic.... and there was nothing I could do to help...

So I dawdled.... Loaded the cats and trickled slowly through glorious scenery, saying my goodbyes... Dog barked non stop, and cats sang along with her. My big boy is a houdini... I once drove 6 hours with him under my seat as I dared not stop to extricate him lest he escape. Caused havoc at a toll gate at 3 am ....could not
reach the slot and the alarm went off.. Pleaded disability ....

But this time all went well... Stopped to buy hot food at a garage and the outraged outcry was amazing from the car...

Dawdled on,,, the landing slipway is isolated and lonely but I expected to see the last of the loading going on
when I trickled down the narrow lane..

DESERTED ! Not a soul or a boat in sight... Like one of those films where you are the last person alive,,,,,

After a brief panic, I used my new cellphone and called the ferryman. Who told me it was all waiting on a trailer over on the island , and he would come in an hour and a half. Then paused and changed it to half an hour , "I expect you would like to get home..."

I let the dog out to race round crazy.... Unloaded the cat crates. How on earth did that big cat get out of a humane trap with extra ties? I swore at him. Told him he could do what he liked once we got to the island BUT NOT NOW!

Thankfully some tourists arrived, as we have a Wild Atlantic Viewpoint post, so he shot under the car....
Dog racing round not used to strangers and me crawling under the car to grab the cat by whatever part of his furry anatomy I could reach.

I had just caged him in the other crate with his sister when a man arrived to tell me the boat was ready..... and I was ready to leave the mainland....


Unlike any move I've ever had! Your house is on top of a 2 mile road with no edges? I've cancelled my plans to visit, sorry. But seriously, I love reading about your life!

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