The Medicine Bowl

I wanted to share this because it just seemed to make alot of sense in so many ways.

I did a card reading tonight on myself to ask why I'm going through all this now, this disease, all the horrible things we go through in life. And the card I got was The Medicine Bowl. And this is what it said:

The Medicine Bowl is an essential shaman's vessel for preparing and dispensing sacred blends of herbs and other items used to keep both clan and individuals physically and spiritually healthy. Often The Medicine Bowl and the hallowed potions made with it are cornerstones to tribal ceremonies and member's rites of passage. The Medicine Bowl represents both the practical and spiritual aspects of healing the body and cleansing the soul through the use of natural remedies and the affirmation of your spiritual self. In a broader sense, The Medicine Bowl symbolizes the health of a clan and strengthening of ties within the clan.
So if we look at what is being told here, it's basically saying this life is a cleansing of the soul. A rite of passage. And basically a place to heal. I take it as being forced into isolation and not participate in society, but to be free to heal from it. And to grow spiritually and be stronger. There's alot of truth in that. And this card seems to feel hopeful for the future. And you can't help but notice it saying natural remedies.


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