The Latest News in Mold Free Home Building

Greetings, everyone.

I am so excited about a couple of new developments in housing that I had to write a new blog post to talk about them.

First of all, the International Dome House Company has arrived in the US! They have a new US website called:

It looks like so far they are making their most basic model available, which is a cute little 20 foot diameter dome house that could hold one or two people comfortably. I bet it would be a great guest house or temporary house that one could live in while building a nicer house.

In Japan, the pieces of the house are sold pre-coated with concrete and the builder just has to spread a cement icing over the top of the house to hold it together. In the US apparently they are selling the polystyrene house pieces uncoated, so the builder would do all the coating both inside and outside on the site.

Years ago, they used to say that one of these models could be built for $40,000. I'm betting it's more now with inflation, but they are still very reasonable. And of course your choice of interior finishes would determine the cost.

Now, if I could get my favorite insulated heated foundation company, Legalett (, to make a round foundation the right size for this dome house, we would really be in great shape!

Another really exciting company is called Intershelter.

They are in Alaska, and they have invented a wonderful dome shelter that can stand up to all weather conditions. It can be assembled by hand in a day, they say. They seem to have a model for natural disasters that looks ideal for a temporary shelter that is warmer and sturdier than a tent.

The world has been crying out for this kind of shelter for years! I am so glad that someone finally invented one.

These two companies are now in my list of mold-free housing on my previous blog post.
Woo hoo!


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