The last surgery...almost

check out my other blog posts, they have fun details you need.

So at this point I'm beaten but not dead, I decide fuck Drs and we would just wait it out. I'm still smelling dead people. I'm starting to fall asleep at work and don't know why. I have never once fell asleep in public. Not once. I sleep less then 4 hours a night. Now I need 6 and I'm lagging.

So I break something in my sinuses that create a gushing bleed. I've had nose bleeds my whole life but this was a gush. I go the ER and they roll their eyes, but can't stop the bleed. So they put in a tampon that has a balloon to shut that shit down.

Unfortunately I get the dr that's an idiot. She is on top of me pushing this thing in my nose. I'm crying in pain (I've cried 4 times in my adult life) and she gets it half way and says...I used the wrong size. It has to come out. So we do it all over.

Now I need a surgeon to take this out, I find a great pcp who is only treating my migraines.

I find a great ENT surgeon who says he won't operate on me but can cure my sinus infection. We try a bunch of different treatments. I still have a sinus infection. I'm about a year since I had a bad sinus infection that started this. I've had it constantly.

With my pcps blessing my ENT decides we need to fix a structural issue in my sinuses, take out my tonsils, do a uppp, and scrape my mouth lining. To recap , at this point I'm only fighting sinus infections and migraines. I have sore throats and a little sleepy.

If you had your tonsils out as a kid I have one thing to say. Fuck you, you don't know how much it hurts. Well maybe that's strong. I hope you know your lucky.

With all this going on I'm trying to be a TV producer, I'm dodging flying and on location stuff. My boss is very very accomidating but I need 6 weeks to recover from tonsils surgery and I have had 4 sugerys in a year.

I go in to surgery at a hospital and all goes ok. I slowly wake and they keep me a couple hours extra, but I cheat the pulse ox and go home. They give me 16 ounces of liquid diladid, some novicaine suckers and lots of instructions.

My surgeon calls me every day for 4 days and says you are out of the danger zone for bleeding. I wake up day 6 with a mouth full of warm fluid. I realize I have an arterial home


I know how much a tampon being stuck up your nose hurts. My mom had it and it was awful...nosebleed that she had to have surgery on. Dude, I'm so sorry. Please hang in. Surgeries suck.
Many years ago I had an ENT residentjabbing a huge needle into my sinus. It was a shattering experience. nothing compared to your story. :-(

Trying to free-associate on sinus problems. Pyroluria? which is, B6/mineral imbalance. More likely, mast cell...only your sinus?
It is still unknown. The latest guess is selective ige dyfincincy type 3 with no response to a vaccine challenge.

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