The inevitable Fall on Autumn

I had the best summer I had in 10 years, I traveled and did a lot of the things I put in my bucket list when I am bed ridden.

I keep a notebook next to my bed where I "create" hope by doing achievable goals of things I desire to do but can't in the moment, but I can do as I get better: silly things like dance, travel, put makeup and get dressed up....

Fall, Autumn
I am in that moment every year where no matter what I do I start to feel every day more tired, I can do less and less everyday. This happens every fall for the past 10 year. How I will be will depend a lot of how hard the crash / relapse will be. I eat great and try to not miss any supplement or prescription but no matter what I do the fall is always where my worst come for my ME/CFS.

Every 2h or so I am in need of closing my eyes and resting. Everyday making it through the whole day at work is becoming very hard. I know this is temporary, but I don't want to push myself this year. Don't want to spend months trying to regain terrain again, So I will try to stop myself earlier this year.

The plan:
- Increase sleeping hours 2h everyday and make sure I don't skip my noon nap.
- Reduce the exercise and walking. Do more stretching instead.
- Clean food no cheating whatsoever.
- More water.
- Use my nasal spray to reduce the body fighting w allergies on top of everything else.

Reduce cooking, specially dinner for family, do more simple stuff so I am not as long standing.


Nope happens every year for the past 9 some years are worst than others.
Wish you all the good luck in the world.

I'm glad you got to do things you wanted in the summer, but going from highs to lows must be hard on you.
It is hard, harder on my family that has to adjust expectations. I know I am sick and I mentally work on it. To my hubby that suddenly all the responsibility to run the house is falls into him, is very shocking and frustrating.

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