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Something i really haven't talked much about, is that i own a Healy device. Since November 2021. I acquired it after i did some fundraising. It is a FDA clearance approved device that i have found very few people know about yet in the United States. Approximately three years ago a friend from Australia reached out to me to tell me she had been using this frequency device that was quite new and with fascinating results. She heard people with lyme were also having good things occur with it. I thanked her but i had already tried years of expensive rife treatments before becoming severe and although frequency healing is something that resonates with my body, i initially dismissed this device thinking it was similar to rife. I was quite mistaken. Its like rife quantum style.

So last November 2021 i ended up in ER by ambulance...again. Terrible kidney and adrenal pain where i just couldn't even move or breathe for hours. Cold sweats, shaking etc. I'm hardly covering how horrific this issue has been in me because we don't need more horror. You certainly don't. Drs were never certain what was going on since i do not have access to the testing that they apparently forgot to do on me back when they could and i could still make it to doctors offices by car. There were theories by a few ER Drs that quite obviously something is malfunctioning in my adrenals although i'm not in a addisonian crisis upon seeing them and thats mostly all they will treat concerning adrenals in an ER. I was told multiple times they have no clue how to even access the adrenal tests i need, ha! Found that out through a few hospitalizations. Anyways, to put it very simply, things were looking quite dire for me pertaining to my adrenal system at minimum and possibly including my kidneys. My nephrologist said it could be the lyme was attacking the lining inside of them that tests simply don't pick up yet. one knows. But bad s*** was happening. And this area was declining every month and year. I didn't actually think i could handle much more as its incredibly painful and alters my heart rate, oxygen, and other bodily functions etc deeply especially if i even attempt to move for hours.

So, i decided to take a long shot, 2 years later and order The Healy device. I received it in November 2021. It took me a bit to figure it out. Months and months really. Instantly though when this device would scan me it went straight to my kidney/adrenal system. Which i found interesting. Strangely enough, i found that it was the only single things that could actually stop the organs from going rock hard and spasming whilst in the middle of it. I quietly played with it for months. Never expecting to encounter something that would so quickly assist my organs.

I hesitate at times sharing info like this, because we still live in a very controlled western medicine dominated world. I am not a spokesperson for Healy or anything of the like and certainly encourage everyone to do their own research (good research not just run of the mill skeptical research sites). It has been of massive assistance to me past year and strengthened my systems in ways i did not think possible. I have recently decided to even utilize it on my daughter past few months and it is one of the only things that brings her digestive system relief. She was at a hotel with family and had an episode after accidental exposure to gluten and dairy that lasted days and included vomitting and diarrhea etc. Meds and supplements bring her very little to no relief. When she was brought home and walked in the door, the first thing she asked for was a healy treatment even though we don't do them often and she said i really didn't think they do much but it turns out they do help me. Its as if she was following her intuition. Humans know when things are helping and when things are not. I found this intriguing paired with the consistent results i have had for over a year now and some friends as well that have come over to use it.

It knows when i'm on my period. It knows when i'm having lung inflammation episodes (it will scan me and go straight to lung treatment and settle many of these episodes). It certainly assisted me last summer during my viral struggles for 2 months. It knows when my kidneys/adrenals are acting up, it knows when my eyes and correlating nerves are inflammed, etc. I have recently become more confident to explore and utilize more sections of its programs but i've a ways to go. It knows when i'm in the middle of a panic attack. It knows when my circulatory system is compromised. Its quite an intelligent device.

When i used to see a naturopath years ago (2010), she introduced me to Zyto scans and i found them absolutely fascinating. At the time, i could not understand why these machines were not assisting doctors. Now, i understand more. The zyto is a beginning level stage of what the Healy is now capable of. Back in 2014/2015 i would sometimes acquire a zyto and give community presentations and classes on how these things can assist us. I found that you kind of intuitively had to know how to read the results. But the results were quite interesting time and again. And you could use results to talk to your doctor or alternative health practioner about issues the body was bringing up to first take care of. For instance, i would scan my husband who had a deep soccer injury and it would go straight to his muscle (zyto doesn't give frequency treatments though just scans), it would't scan a woman and man over and over because they were intoxicated with alcohol. Alcohol disrupts your energy field too much and won't give proper results. Another woman, had a recurrent infection in her lungs years ago it went straight to. Another woman, altered her lifestyle completely after one of the scans i did on her because it picked up on her heart meridian. She was quite overweight and this ran in her family. Again, none of this was diagnosing anything just noting certain organ meridians, organs and emotions affected in ones constitution. She lost much weight after i became severely ill and confirmed with western doctors she greatly improved her heart health. Pretty amazing.

So, when people try these things and dismiss them after a month, keep in mind, that it may be you have to view the body from an entirely new perspective. We are also trauma logged with the alternative health industry being a amazon jungle and not easy to navigate yet more controlled while similar issues ensue with the western medical healthcare system. Why, you ask if these are so useful do our medical facilities not have them? That isn't for me to answer. I will say this. My relationship with the western medical system has been like that of a person with an abuser. ..getting hurt, going back, choosing to trust again and again until i was seriously wounded over and over. Yet, no one ever took accountability. No one ever protected me from this system that tore my microbiome apart and doused my body with drugs that have since been pulled off the market and deemed unsafe and carcinogenic amongst other things. AND after all of that, i was usually blamed for my own demise that THEY helped cause. I was told time and again that i was wrong to even think of not complying with any doctor. So, i did for years and years. They always knew best....yet, that so often turned out to be untrue. I finally noted that as i lay fighting for my life in August 2018 hospitalization with the full realization, i may not have the full picture but something is seriously wrong with our medical system. I am basically letting these people kill me. And they mostly are oblivious to it.

So, you see, i didn't come to this chapter or decisions easily. I went back and back to these people which honestly seems like the definition of insanity when i look back. So, please, before you judge the utilization of frequency medicine for chronic conditions, i ask you to consider our failing medical system (not speaking of trauma care, thats a different category) and the possibility that these people have not been given all of the answers in medical school.

Here is a bit about the Healy device should you want to further explore. I do scans daily on myself and resonance treatments or scalar energy node treatments on my wrists. I am still learning and i feel i've much more ground to explore with this device.


Hey, you won't get any flack from me. You do what feels right for you. I understand though the judgment that can be I have received that judgment on my end. I understand also completely about your thoughts on our western medical system.

I don't speak much about my journey with Anthony William's information since he gets his information from spirit of compassion which a lot of people think is bogus and that's OK. I did not decide to try out any of the things he suggested until I had listened to his radio podcasts for 3 months and then I knew he was on to something. I have better quality of life thanks to this man and that's what counts so I say keep on keepin on with your exploration and find out what is right for you. It is YOUR life, YOUR journey. :heart:
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