The going is getting tough - Imunovir week 3

So since I stopped the allergy foods I am doing worse than ever. I relied a lot on carbs for fast energy. Now I don't even have that.

I had a great family trip so I had great 2 days and over did it.

Now I am payin for it. But overall is getting harder and harder again just to do the basic stuff. Imagine the big ones :rofl: . I am even thinking about stopping work because the going has gotten so tough.

My main syptoms are fatigue, Sleepiness, AND PAIN, and I mean pain! I just saw the Chiro today and he said he found me full of knots and tight everywhere. Not sure if it was the excess acitvity but rough here.

I am having a very hard time typing: And I cannot do my job without!!! I just wanted to make sure to put this down so I can compare later on progress (OR LACK OF IT).

Arms out.
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No good at all.
I have had a couple of Chinese acupressure massages, fantastic, if one likes it rough. The knots seemed to release quicker on the second massage so maybe need to get them regularly??
It's just shit sometimes, we ride out so many of these one would think we would get use to it.

Take care
I got knots from doing tai chi (something I'd done for years but previously been good with it before I got sick). A big knot I got took over a year of massages to breakdown (weekly ones with also doing a lot of massage on the knot). I'd love to know why this illness can do stuff like that to us.
I get terrible knots when I need potassium. It happened when I was taking magnesium to keep food moving through my intestines, and for night kicking.
I usually don't even talk to her at all in between visits. I would email her or call her everyday!!! With all the weird things I get, Usually I just wait it out. I think Is that I am havign shouts of b12 and b6 so they give me tones of energy the first day, I go crazy and overdo then I pay for it, I need to balance it better. I got a new shot today and I feel great but I am about 7,000 steps in !!!! I know my max is 5K! I don't learn!

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