The fragile "I am doing ok". Off Imunovir today (month Off)

PACING sounds soooo good in theory. Sooooo On CFS I have learned not to push my limits but anything that needs from us to push that bit can get us out of our stable condition.

So my dog run away, on a pretty steep hill. I knew the moment I went running after the dog that it was a bad idea, but is not like I could just sit there and let it go!!!!

I have been doing great in general. Dealing with being super sleepy but I think is because I am about to start my period so I can tough it up. After I went running and came back, I could not stand, I mean I literally went backwards in my own two feet (husband kept trying to catch me). So trying to stand was impossible for me. Then I couldn't find words. I thought I was having some kind of neuro malfunction, but hey this is CFS so no biggy, just wait it out. A few hour later now I am very cold (a crash is coming sign) and my head feels numb again, Muscle pain like I lifted weights on legs. Stabbing pain in the left temple. I will see how fast I can recover, I am optimistic because I have been doing so well, So I really think I can overcome this one fast. But this is just reminder of how something so simple can bring me down in my knees.


Yeah TX I am back and going again, I am getting better to recover faster now.
I had similar symptoms.
I tried Monolaurin and he helped me.

I regret very much that you are so bad .... Because I know how it is ....

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