The Elephant in the Garrett-History of (Elephant ) Art - Pt 3.


Lovely blog, Helly. I've yet to begin making art again, still too stuck among the obstacles, so it's encouraging to read how you regained that part of you. I'm interested to know what materials you use, since you touched on it. Have you blogged about that?
Thank you Skycloud! I use these water soluble crayons. They are great value ( as they last ages), and you can either draw with them as crayons and then have the option of putting water on top with a paintbrush. Or you can scribble them onto a plastic palette or plate and paint with them. I am a big fan of felt tips for times when I need something easy. I also draw with biros. What have you enjoyed using previously?
Sorry I forgot to come back to reply to the alert. Thanks for asking - I used to use oil paint, sometimes acrylic though not so happy with those, larger canvasses. Not for me anymore.

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