The Deep Dark Hole of Entrapment

Today, as the last of the miners were rescued, the world watched and shared in the joy as this happy fairytale ended. What could have been a horrible and bleak prognosis, seemed to defy all odds.

I watched or heard bits and pieces. There were 33 of them.. trapped 33,000 ft down... for 33 days? -if I have my facts straight.

While I was happy for them, I couldn't help but feel a bit of jealousy, as they were fulfilling my own fantasy of a happy ending ... or ANY ending... from this entrapment in my own deep. dark. hole. isolated from the world.

Thirteen years ago... my life changed dramatically and I became trapped in my body. My "window" to the outside world was open at times, if I could just make it to the computer to search for signs of a rescue team.

I eventually found a group of other survivors

Some have been watching and waiting for twice as long.

Can anyone hear us yet????

It was disheartening to discover some on the outside who were well aware of our plight were working against us. It even had a name. That was and still is part of the problem. Some of the so-called academics published research suggesting we could think our way out of it, but we cannot... no more than the Chilean victims could possibly think their way out.

They relied on a team of experts... and that team delivered. They accomplished the "impossible"......

What if the miners' rescuers had an opposing team... causing delays, .... distracting with silly arguments.... insisting on drilling horizontally rather than vertically....

rough draft/ to be refined/cont'd....... someday.maybe. as energy permits.



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