The Conspiracy to Hide the Origins of CFS

Osler's Web Revisited -- Did The Centers For Disease Control & National Institutes Of Health Sabotage The CFS Research Of Dr. Elaine Defreitas?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Government Biological Weapon?


Within the annals of infectious diseases, there has never been a more mysterious or controversial illness than that of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

A year ago I read this very compelling book written by author Hillary Johnson, and was as equally fascinated as I was horrified as Johnson described how honest attempts made by several physicians (and a few of their fellow researchers) in which to find the genesis of CFS, were met with what can only be described as a complete stonewall by the very government agencies that are charged with investigating such illnesses. Agencies which include the Centers For Disease Control as well as the National Institutes Of Health. And the most prestigious organization within the NIH; the National Cancer Institute.

Osler's Web describes the experiences of several front line physicians who at the time were confronted with an illness more physically and psychologically debilitating than any which they'd seen before. Their patients had gone from being productive members of society to people who barely had enough energy to walk across a room. And this illness would become extremely contagious.

These physicians were as dedicated to finding the root cause of this mysterious illness as any of their peers, only to find that there was a clear conspiracy at the heart of the U.S. Federal Government, in which to prevent them from finding the genesis of an illness which they eventually were forced to label as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

A syndrome comprises a group of symptoms for which no linking pathogen has been found.

And to this day, more than two decades after a core group of researchers outside the NIH and CDC began an aggressive research program in which to determine the cause of CFS, this horrible illness remains a syndrome; its genesis still a mystery.

However, what is not mysterious is the fact that the doctors and researchers involved in attempting to map out the genetic code for CFS, were met with what can only be described as a very aggressive government conspiracy in which to prevent them from identifying the source of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Dr. Elaine Defreitas

Of all of the people involved in attempting to unravel the origins of CFS, perhaps none (aside from its victims) was more confounded than the Wistar researcher, Elaine Defreitas. It was this brilliant young scientist who was charged with mapping out the genetic code of CFS, and the one who would end up meeting with what can only be described as tremendous adversity in her attempts to do so.

Amongst the most controversial issues here was the specialized test which Ms. Defreitas created in which to mapout the DNA code of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A test which was so specific that it required that Defreitas' protocol be followed rigorously, yet which those at the CDC and NIH for very suspcious reasons deliberately refused to adhere to.

It was this unexplainable lack of cooperation from either federal agency which made this author suspicious that there was more to Defreitas' and her colleagues' bad luck in regard to the CDC's and NIH's inability to duplicate Defreitas' lab results, than just coincidence.

And the fact that Elaine Defreitas would be involved in a serious car accident while in the midst of her research on CFS (one which would leave her with serious enough injuries to force her into early retirement) bespeaks the type of government "intervention" that those who've stumbled onto what may become serious public relation's issues for the U.S. Federal Government, always seem to find themselves confronted with.

As such, and given the convenient timing of Ms. Defreitas' car "accident," one must wonder if this accident was in fact deliberately caused in order to neutralize this brilliant young scientist, who was likely on the cusp of mapping out the DNA code to what is now called CFIDS (the modern day acronym for CFS), which would have led to Defreitas developing a successful diagnostic test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; one which would have been used globally. A test which would have likely supported the belief that CFS is man-made in its origins (a biological weapon), while in turn making Defreitas and Paul Cheney wealthy.


I too believe that the US and UK governments are heavily involved in covering something up about CFIDs. I made my comments on this known in the forums and althought expected that some folks would think I was nutty, was pleased that others had also been quietly thinking much along the same lines. How could we NOT think that our own governments are hiding things from us? The CDC STILL has no "real" idea of how many CFIDS sick are in the US and that is quite deliberate. They play games with the little cities and counties but NOT the US as required over and over by the Congress. They play psychobabble games with Emory Univesity Mind-Body and the Shrinks in the UK. Not "real" science, but the psychiatric side of the house that applies to ALL chronic diseases and not just CFIDS. And so the CDC/CFS people going back in time have wasted time and money in playing games to throw off the American public, researchers, and everyone and all. The CDC has used the time-honored "THEY are CRAZY" chants and thus, doctors, the public, our families and everyone else listens to the CDC and believes them that we are lazy and crazy.
So, Biological weapons? Sounds fine to me. Gulf War Syndrome in UK and US military that got so little attention that Congress had to again step in to get the military and DoD to open an office and actually deal with GWS in the terribly sick veterns. Shame on them all. Shame on damning the Veterns of this country and other countries. Shame that the CDC and what ever other government organizations have kept us in the dark, damaged us, allowed us to be disabled, poor, sick and then die from associated cancers.
But one thing "They" didn't think of: we may be terribly sick and disabled, but from our beds we fight. We research, we fight the CDC, we beg our Congress and Parliaments for assistance and we support outside research to circumvent our own governments. Shame.

When it all comes out what the US and UK governments have hidden from us all, inflicted on us all and damaged our DNA and the generations that come after us - those organizations involved will never recover. The CDC has lost much of its credibility and will lose ALL of it once their role in covering up CFIDS is revealed.

Are we nuts? NO! But I do believe that certain parts of our government and the UK government ARE evil - and we will find out, soon.

JPV: Keep writing. We really do need a papertrail OR someone that KNOWS what is going on and speaks because they can not stand it anymore.
The other possible explanation, that I believe is also very likely, is that Chronic Fatigue and all the other such related illnesses, may be due to such toxins as Mercury being used in dental fillings and vaccines. Certainly Amy Yasko and Rich van Konynenburg have gone on record theorizing that heavy metals are the cause of autism and that CFS is possibly an adult version of this condition.

There is much evidence that the American Dental Association has known as far back as the late 1800s that mercury amalgams where potentially toxic and has refused to change course on it's usage.

This being the case, either the ADA, in collusion with the government, is intentionally poisoning people, or to take a less conspiratorial view, it could simply be profit motivated to use such materials for dental procedures.

Either way, there is a huge can of worms involved here, not to mention if it is proven to the public that the ADA knew the dangers involved in using amalgams, there is the potential for massive class action lawsuits would quite easily, and IMO justifiably, destroy the entire dental industry.

BTW, I recently had a hair test done from Doctor's Data, and sure enough... I tested fairly high in Mercury.
It's definitely being covered up. When I got sick in 91, my doctor said there was an outbreak of CFIDS on Long Island, NY, where I'm from and he was seeing alot of it then. He knew immediately that I had it when I went into his office. My mother called the CDC at that time and she was told it was viral. And she also called social security and was told they were setting up a special division to deal with CFIDS patients because of this outbreak. About six months later, no further mention of the Long Island outbreak was ever heard again. And my doctor, whom I had been going to since I was a baby, and who had not only given me the CFIDS diagnosis and believed it was a physical disease, he suddenly did a complete turn around and said it was mental. I had to stop going to him. It was covered up and they shut my doctor up real fast.

I caught full blown CFIDS from a guy I had started to date in January 1991. He was sick with something and just deep throat kissing was enough to do it. Within three days, the CFIDS symptoms started to kick in on me, within a week, I was bedridden, within three weeks I almost died from the encephalitis. They put me in the hospital on IV antibiotics, but ended up throwing me out after a few days because my insurance refused to pay for anymore. I was bedridden for the next two years, full blown CFIDS and almost died three times from the various things it can cause.

I believe it's definitely an infectious disease. And it is being covered up. There was some molecular biologist who was also working on finding the origins of CFIDS, but I can't remember his name, he died mysteriously in his home, supposedly fell off a ladder. And there was one other, I think he died while on vacation, scuba diving. It all reads like a novel, but it's truth.

There is a current outbreak of CFIDS in mainland China that has been raging for awhile. Some Chinese were able to get alittle news out about it last year, but then it was covered right up. Their people are bedridden in hospitals with CFIDS, but they gave it an even worse name over there. It translates as "Fear of AIDS Disease". Maybe they meant it as HIV Negative AIDS, I don't know. But their government doesn't seem to be allowing any further mention of it even though the people continue to get sick. They said it is passed by saliva and sweat.
Interesting that some diseases such as SARS, Avian Flu and now H1N1 (all of which IMO were complete and utter hoaxes) are being hyped up by the media, but CFS and it's different permutations aren't. Sigh... it's so hard sometimes to figure out the machinations of corrupt and devious governments.

Other conspiracy theorist have explored the idea that diseases such as AIDS and possibly CFS are weaponized biological viruses of some sort that are being tested on the populace. I've read that retroviruses in general are all believed to be man-made, hence their recent and infrequent appearance on this planet. The behavior of the UK government, sealing their findings on CFS, in a manner more in line with the protection of state/national security interests, makes one wonder if there may indeed be some foundation in the biological weapon theories.

I'm gonna go out out a limb here, but I personally believe that the ruling elite on this planet are of the opinion that the earth does not have enough resources to support the current population on this planet. Google "Agenda 21" and "depopulation" for further information. Check out some of the writings on "Sustainable Development" and the "Georgia Guidestones" while you're at it. It wouldn't surprise me if some of these diseases play into these plans.
Thanks for taking the time and (precious energy) to share this info, Virginia.
So.. yeah. Follow the money. There are many greedy corporations/industries out there, but here's the biggest, and who stands to lose the most of/when CFIDS is finally recognized for what it is: A deadly debilitating retrovirus disease.

The health insurance industry you can be sure is part of it all. If a diagnosable marker is discovered for CFIDS, then their game of being able to deny Anyone with CFIDS long term disability insurance is over,done,gone. They started overtly adding CFIDS into the disability health plans for corporation clients in 1996 appx. In my case, the plan changed in 1996, when Hewlett-Packard used United Health's new policies regarding CFIDS. In a nutshell, they grouped CFIDS under Mental Health Disability Benefits which meant absolutely No benefits whatsoever.

I was a high performing corporate IT manager. So yeah, I was making a good living (8.5k a month). Can you imagine if the health insurance had to pay out long term disability benefits to say 1 million people every year for anywhere up to 30 years? For me, it would have meant about 5k a month. I would not have lost everything. I would still have my home, and a ways to continue to help myself. Anyway, I live hand to mouth now. So yeah.. look to the one who gains the most. Which is Corporations/Employers that buy into the health insurance industry policies that deny CFIDS disability benefits.

After that, take a look at big pharma and the psychiatric industry. Big pharma, because they love it when they can 'manage' diseases in lui of curing them. Lots of money there to be made. And the psychiatric industry, because they are the ones who will get the diagnostic work. Especially if the changes are made in the DSM5, that will categorize CFIDS as a mental disorder. see:

You might want to notice that the edits for the new version of the DSM5 are due this year. That would mean that Any legal CFIDS diagnosis would/could Only be made by a psychiatrist.

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