The Bright Side


I love this! It's great to concentrate on the positive for a while.

I agree with the maturity one. I think it's made me pretty level headed and practical about things.

How lovely that it's brought you closer to your grandmothers. I lost the last of my grandparents last year (they were all 90+ years old) and I had started writing down the little stories they shared with me. I love re-reading them as it makes me feel so connected to my family. It cheers me up when I often feel disconnected from others.

Supportive people are worth their weight in gold! I'm in my 30s and I still remember my headmaster cheering from the side of the pool when I completed my swimming certificate age 10. I'd been very ill with glandular fever (the beginnings of the CFS I would later realise) and he knew how hard it was for me to complete the required length of the pool. He drove down to the See my class swim and walked the entire length level with me clapping and shouting encouragement All these years later it is still one of my fondest memories.
What a nice idea to write down stories your grandparents shared. One of my grandmothers passed away 2 years ago as well, but we had physical therapy in common for several years. I like to look back at the birthday cards she sent. I'm really glad you found something that cheers you up and brings happy memories.

That's a wonderful story about your headmaster. It reminded me of an instructor I had in grade school who secretly gave a boy passing marks on the mile run when she saw how hard he tried, even though he had asthma and couldn't make the cut. Sometimes people are looking out for us even when we don't know. Thanks for sharing these snippets!

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