The bounce back

I just realized I've been animately engaged in conversation and research for the past 7 hours straight and not only have I not overdone it, but also my nervous system is not wound up. I should rest well after completing this post.

After yesterday's exhaustion, I woke up feeling normal - my new kind of normal since starting osteopathy which includes a sense of well-being. I turn over, and my body pipes up: "Y'know, resting feels really good right now." I happened to agree with it and so continued in my relaxed state for some time.

That, my friends, is as close to PEM as I get these days.

Gone is the horrible sense of fatigue so extreme that I think it ought to be classified as a type of pain. The moment I begin to rest, all discomfort melts away into a collective sigh of relief as my body leisurely sets about the task of restoring itself. That's the way it works in healthy bodies. That's the way it has failed to work in mine for so many years. But it's happening now. And what bliss!

Presently I began getting up and resting inbetween doing things, until one time I was caught up in conversation and my body didn't say "stop!". And so here I am, coming out of 7 hours of happy, productive, easy activity to the grateful realization that my body is continuing to heal and is going to be just fine.

If only all my friends here could experience it too...


Warrior: research in progress. :) I'll drop you a PM if/when I have a clear idea of one or more good ones.

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