The Beginning of the Beginning

If any of you have actually read my story, thanks. I hope that something will help you with your recovery.

As soon as I was let go from work, I got busy. What was it with not being able to stand - this Orthostatic Intolerance. I started reading more.

Apparently, this was associated with measurable circulatory changes with the brain. Holy crap. That sounded important but what did it mean? My mother was down to 25% carotid flow on one side and 40% on the other. She was a walking medical miracle.

The only thing that came to mind for my case was the venous restriction associated with M.S. and the Zamboni treatment or whatever it is called. It is where they ream out the veins in the neck to restore circulation.

Slow down drainage of blood from the brain and this creates a back-pressure on the blood-brain-barrier (BBB). This means less oxygen in. less garbage out and a change at the barrier in terms of passive and active transport of stuff across the BBB.

This is important and perhaps related to why B12 is showing up low in many CNS diseases today. Add to this that the BBB is comprised of astrocytes that are storage tanks for mercury and that mercury oxidizes B12, or at least the small amount of B12 that finds its way though. (that is speculative on my part).

I faked the symptoms of M.S. and got tested.

I paid for the ultrasound of my neck, so my conscience is clear. I lied and other than not being candid with Human Resources at work in order to have my hours extended, this was the only other time. I have forgiven myself :)

The test showed that blood was dammed up on the left side. Dr Hui thought that I might benefit from having this looked after but I told him that in my opinion it was just another mitochondrial problem, this time in the heart and affecting a heart valve.

Fix chronic fatigue and you fix CCSVI, (Chronic Cerebralspinal Venous Insufficiency). 15% of the population have this anyway.

Waste of time and money if I was going to ignore the results anyway? Nope. Remember hirvinc? The guy who had tried to help me in the past? He jumped in again and told me to try mB12. When I told him about the swollen tongue, he told me about B2.

So this is August and I got rolling with methylcobalamin and methylfolate. It was like someone turned on the lights. I am not sure whether my response was so much different than the December before because of the mercury removed or perhaps something else.

For example, I felt like crap all the time back then from the cucurmin and the thiol reaction. Maybe I just couldn't feel the mB12 difference through all that "noise".

I wrote Dr Hui and he said, "If you feel better on the pills, I'll set up up with injectable and you will feel a lot better. And I did. I called work about returning and they stalled. They didn't want me back and I am not upset about that. I get it.

I returned to work and was not in top form but I actually should have been there on most days. My life was complicated with lots of pills and needles but I was able to work again.

This is September and by the end of the month B2 became an issue again. And again I was taking 100 mg a day. For crying out loud. My face broke out in a rash as well as my wiener. And I had angry, angry capillaries circling my corneas. This time I was ready and I was determined.

It occurred to me that my urine was not Vitamin B yellow/chartreuse when did that stop? I decided to increase B2 until I started to spill some in my urine. The first day it was 18 capsules x 100mg and the next day it was 16.

Men my age need 1.7 mg. per day.

Things improved after some probiotics and I settled on 300 mg a day for the next couple of years. I told Dr Hui and he didn't believe. I told him that I was trying to resurrect the methylation pathway and that B2 is used in at least 3 different places.

I also reminded him that I was going to have my colon removed and that my gut didn't work right. Clearly, I wasn't absorbing this stuff well. He gave me close to the RDA of B1, B2, B5 and B6. This needle stung a bit and I called it my "B-sting". How funny am I?

Next we'll talk about my career teetering. Again....
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