The Adventure

(Inspired by Merry's Posts)

It's a Cafe',
Named after a dance,
The Flyer said
"Old Time Music Jam"

I'll go
This Sunday
readied with
carry-along food
ear plugs

and hope

hope that I will endure the 2 1/2 hours

and not fall over
in my chair

I guess I better arm myself with Klonopin as well
the fiddling and the potential jigs
may toss me into a maelstroem

and I say thanks
for this opportunity

(copyright = me)


Nico, thanks for this. I chuckled - or maybe I shouldn't have. Earplugs! Such a problem to get out in the world and enjoy ourselves. I hope you do get out and aren't overwhelmed.

I read your comment on my blog and then thought to check if you have a blog and if you'd posted a poem. Strange to say, but I've only recently started reading members' blogs regularly. I will go back and read your previous entries.
Yes, chuckling is completely acceptable!!! I actually take it as a compliment. :)

Oh, my blog entries are not all chuckle-worthy.... but I guess today the St. John's Wort was working :)

thanks Merry - I understand not reading everything. I can only read the short & pretty easy stuff myself. :)
I love the last line - thanking for the opportunity -and being open to what opportunity is there....what more can you do?

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