thanks for cards etc

Ive been getting letters and cards flowing into my mail box and would I'd like to say thank you everyone who sent, for the cards and mail well wishes etc, which got posted to my home (and also to the local hospital thou I wasnt in that one but rather in one of my states main hospitals. Thou it got sent to wrong hospital, it still got redirected to my home address).

**the love, hugs and kisses falling out of one of them and all over me right now is given me another smile**

:) Merry .. I havent gotten to read Olser's Web yet but that has been on my wish list for many years, I WILL get it some day and get to read this book I know is a great one. (I should put it on my birthday wish list and see if I can get it then). Glad to hear your son brought it for you. thanks

Helen41 and Laurel.. thank you very much.

Someone from the CFS/ME Society of SA, thou my membership has run out .. also sent me a card and did a letter after someone (lynne) contacted them about me. Thanks Lynne for your letter. (ive not a clue what name you go by here so dont know who you are here).

My nanna gave me some money for christmas so Im hoping to some time soon get a printer so I can do some mails back (my wrist aches if i write too much with a pen).

The cards are up on my cupboard to remind me that people do care... and the balloons which were sent.. are now decorating my lounge room. :balloons:


Very glad to have you back on the forum, we missed you!:hug: Always appreciate your insight on all the threads you post to, so I'll be looking for it whenever you feel like putting it out there!:thumbsup:

Hi, Tanya, Glad to hear you're okay. I haven't posted before. The last twelve months on this site has been so exciting it's taken all my energy just to read all the news and explanations and try to understand it. The latest information about the Whittemore/Mikovits talk at Santa Rosa suggests the news can only get better this year. I'm glad you'll be here when we're all lifted with the tide. cheers.
Yeah.. fingers crossed that the news will get better this year. Thou i arent too sure if knowing we all have a retrovirus is going to be a good thing or not (that is quite serious and I'd rather us all have something far easier to treat).

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