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Thank you, Ren

“…hi Ren… I’ve been taking some time to be distant,
I’ve been taking some time to be still
I’ve been taking some time to be by myself and I've spent half my life ill
But just as sure as the tide start turning
Just as sure as the night has dawn
Just as sure as rain fall soon runs dry when you stand in the eye of the storm

I was made to be tested and twisted
I was made to be broken and beat
I was made by his hand, it's all part of the plan that I stand on my own two feet
And you know me my will is eternal
And you know me you've met Me before
Face to with a beast I will rise from the east and I'll settle on the ocean floor
And I go by many names also
Some people know me as hope
Some people know me as the voice that you hear when u loosen the noose on the rope
And you know how I know how I know that I'll prosper?
Because I stand here beside you today
I have stood in the flames that cremated my brain
And I didn't once flinch or shake
So cower at the man I've become
When I sing from the top of my lungs
That I won't retire I'll stand in your fire inspire the meek to be strong
And when I am gone I will rise
In the music that I left behind
Ferocious persistent, immortal like you
we’re a coin with two different sides

When I was 17 years old I shouted out into an empty room, into a blank canvas, that I would defeat the forces of evil,
and for the next 10 years of my life I suffered the consequences...
With Illness, autoimmunity and psychosis

As I got older I realised that there were no real winners or no real losers in physiological warfare
But there were victims and there were students

It wasn’t David verses Goliath, it's was a pendulum eternally swaying between the dark and the light,
and the brighter the light shone, the darker the shadow it cast

It was never a battle for me to win, it was an eternal dance,
and like a dance, the more rigid I became the harder it got
The more I cursed my clumsy footsteps the more i suffered
And so I got older and I learned to relax, and I learned to soften, and that dance got easier

It is this eternal waltz that separates human beings from angels, from demons, from gods

And I must not forget, we must not forget, that we are human beings”

Thank you, Ren ♥️✨🦋
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