Thank You Anger


I live in a senior/55+ high rise. There is a provision here that lets "kids" like me live here, so long as we are verifiably disabled with a mobility kind of issue. So, here I am.

Last night the seniors and another 'youngster' met for a talent night. It was pretty amazing, some wonderful talent. Then it was my turn.

I started playing and singing "Both Sides Now" since the 6th grade. I could play and sing it in my sleep. But, the ME/CFIDS has taken me on a different path, so practicing hasn't been part of my repertoire in years.

I was actually quite fatigued last night, but I forced myself to go because the winter's isolation's effects are beginning to frighten me.

My turn came up. Despite brain fog and fatigue I tried to do my thing. A song that I could simply belt, keys I had memorized - became squeaky tones...and I was all thumbs. It's ok. I got through the fist stanza - a teenage visitor laughed at me - and I got through it.

This morning I was very angry about last night. :thumbsup: I used this anger to do a little art therapy. And, after breakfast when I had enough stamina, I got my guitar out and practiced 2 songs. :thumbsup:

Had I not been angry at last nights seeming fiasco, I would have not tried to improve.

I'm so grateful I had the energy to do this today.
Nico :thumbsup:


Well done! To let anger push you to do things is something one can have good use of. I know that many celebrities have used their anger to push them. :)
Thank you Tia, well, I have to say that after my practicing I did have a bit of a payback day (yesterday). But, who's complaining... not me. I'm going to read your gratitude post now :)

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