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I consulted with an herbalist at the recommendation of my functional medicine mold doc.

I've been feeling wiped out, pretty terrible for the last 6-7 months. Even though I haven't been exposed much to mold, have been tolerating cholestyramine with no issues. I did a low sulfur diet hoping it would help me tolerate methylation support. I learned a lot from it but it seems like getting on high doses vitamin D was the main thing. Even though I'm tolerating the methylation supplements, they're not helping my mood or my glutathione levels much. Even megadoses. I think maybe the sulfur diet caused worse depression and fatigue but it was already pretty bad.

My mold doc says that I'm too inflamed by just living in a conventional building and can't think treatment that will really help much that I haven't already tried. I've been on the csm for almost two months now and it doesn't seem to make me any worse or better.

I'm doing a tiny bit better with megadoses of biotin, 10k mcg, tid. Better mood and energy. Just added lipo glutathione. No tolerance problem, seems to make my pits sweat a lot more and occasionally help my sense of smell. Not sure whether or not it's helping much more than that.

Anyway the herbalist said that there were disturbances in my kidney heart network, adrenal issues, imbalances in my Liver, and kidney, heart, nervous system, and energy distribution system. Adrenal fatigue and hormonal imbalance/estrogen dominance.

He said that he suspects the liver imbalance is why I was severely affected by the mold and my family wasn't.

The plan:
Remedy for Chronic fatigue/adrenals
Treatment to wipe out invaders - viruses
Later, remedy for internal fungus

He rxed:
Seven Forests - ISATIS 6 – 3 tabs 3 x day – antiviral, remove toxins, support lymph system

Seven Forests – ASTRAGALUS 10+ - 3 tabs 3 x day – CFS, adrenal support, immune support

Pine Mountain – XIAO YAO WAN – 5 tabs 2 x day – liver harmony, stress, normalize menses/hormones

REISHI – 2 caps 2 x day for three continuous months

I'm excited to try these and see how they go.
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