Tao Te Ching

Today's entry is to share this with anyone that feels this is for them, reminders of how to simplify life ...enjoy.

~"Change the way you think about strength.
Aren’t the physically and mentally strong those who can bend and adapt to life—especially as we age?
The more you think in rigid ways, refraining from considering other points of view, the more you’re liable to break.
As Lao-tzu reminds us, “The hard and stiff will be broken,” while “the soft and supple will prevail.”
Our minds and our bodies need flexibility to thrive.
When we see ourselves as flexible and supple, we are able to bend in harmony with our Divine source.
By listening, yielding, and being gentle, we all become disciples of life."~ Wayne Dyer


Really wise words, really true....

This situation we deal with, seems to select for some rigidity yet its a very uncomfortable place to be.

Yesterday I had some ability to move around and the body wanted to and today it feels like only the more rigid path, leads to comfort.

This is a confusing message for me, so I maybe pondering it- further.
yeah, interesting rufous.
For me, its a reminder of my invitation
with the timeless, the formless...
always existing....space.

\ space to let things be, lately i have been
sliding into the abyss physically at times again..
dipping my toes in the olden days of this illness.
And when i lay here unable to move, over and over after just trying to lift a glass of water...what is the message i hear? first, resistance, i want to persist. i want to prevail...then, the letting go, over ...and over and over. sometimes i feel like a stone that water is chiseling to its idea of perfection (not mine, lol!) and it takes so many strokes of letting go. Its not easy for me always.

The more i bend, the more the water rushes over and around me.
The more i resist, the more i drown.

and, so it is.
Ah, that was ....so nice....

Keep enlarging that space....

I lived for 17 years next to this gorgeous creek. Sometimes it flooded with great drama and always a bit of edginess. I could feel the giant boulders in the river bed break loose during a peak flow event, and ping and pong about the channel bed, the Gods at play. The alders would spin and twirl madly when the bed has mobilized. Everything is being carried by the endless flow of the great storm.

In summer, I spent many many hours, simply being on the boulders, leaping from one to another. Gazing at the pond turtles. Communing with dragon flies and damsels, who also flow, just like a river.

People don't realize that sometimes, insects are flowing above the riverbed, and they themselves are a river. A river of tiny movements, collectively all leading in the same direction. And there seems to be no answer to Why That Direction?

I never really noticed the lady bug beetles that often, yet there they are, on a winter's day, clinging to the crisped browned giant sycamore leaves now fallen to the ground, and clinging to logs and debris- gathered together in masses, the wintering lady bug beetles. Just being. Not doing.

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