Survey for the Chronically Ill (When it Comes to Cooking!)

hi all,

i make cooking videos for my youtube channel that are health-conscious and reflect recipes and lifestyle changes that have helped me manage symptoms over time (for example, gluten free, sugar free, SCD, etc). i've shared a few of these videos here, especially from the "cooking with chronic illness" series, part I and part II.

i'm looking to make some changes with my format and i designed a short survey (less than 10 mins) to complete, with a SPECIAL SECTION for chronically ill folks about their struggles with cooking. the first section includes questions for my general audience; the second section is specifically for folks living with chronic illness and invisible disabilities. it'd really help me figure out how to better serve the community moving forward if you can fill it (if you can!)

thank you so much! the video where i announce this is below. the survey is linked here. blessings to all!


I just went to your survey but it appears to be for those who are on gluten free diets. You didnt say that in your post.
there are two sections. the first section is for everyone who watches my channel (which is a gluten free channel with other recipes too); the second is for folks who live with chronic illness/invisible disability!

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