Supplements I am considering

To help me remember the ones I am thinking of trying.

I probably am lacking in B5 and other B vitamins. I think it's important?

Ginseng and B6 to raise testosterone and any other benefits they provide.

D-ribose probably. (I tried one or two bottles before.)

I have to find acetyl l-carnitine or buy more. I want to try Jarrow L-Carnitine Fumarate but I'm afraid of increasing anxiety for up to 10 months as Freddd said. Plus, maybe I should wait until I start adenosyl B12 and others again.


dhea is good at increasing testosterone in women, as little as 5mg may be enough but u will want a doc monitoring your hormone levels. Are u also looking into treating adrenal dysfunction? the B5 can help there and large doses can sometimes be over stimulating eg 500-1000mg, so start low 50-100mg.

I took b6 for a few weeks at a small amount unti I started getting a headache from it. It builds up so taking a small amount for a while is probably good but not continuing to take it for a long time.

I started b5 as well a couple of months ago. 250mg interferes with my sleep but a smaller amount (25-50mg approx) seems to help my skin tone if nothing else. I don't know if pantethine is different. I used pantothenic acid.
Taking a good multi B complex is probably a very good idea (even thou I myself arent currently doing it) .. as in Naturopathy College we were always told that if someone has a deficiency of one B vitamin they often will then also have more B issues and as we all know B vitamins of some kind or another help most of us

One ME/CFS survey it was at least 75% were helped by one of the Bs, which B varied but B12 was the most common helpful B.

Ive tried Ginseng..both the Siberian kind and also the stronger Korean form but unfortuately in my case they didnt help me at all feel better. I did thou have my low testosterone tested when on them to know if it raised that at all.
Hm, B Complex would be easiest, but it could make me get too much B6 or B2. Maybe I need separate B6, B5, and B1. I already take B2, sometimes methyl B12, and sometimes folate.

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