Supplement Craze

All in all, I will be taking around 13 different supplements in less than a month. I am already taking 8 for adrenal fatigue, Seacure, Jarrow EPS, Propolis, St Johns Wort and Royal Jelly are in their way. It has gotten a bit out of control hehe. Gun shot approach! Hope something sticks :/

After so much supplementing only a few supps have noticeable effects (makes you wonder if the others have ANY effect) So for me is a matter of finding what works and sticking to it, using google scholar and the forums to make your criteria more precise.


im taking a crap load too lol. mostly antioxidants, i think of it as slowing the damage down rather than fixing the main problem and noticing something specific from them, maybe its suttle effects over months?? i hope. Going by the science and research etc we have alot of oxidative stress so i think i can justify the antioxidants.
funny thing is everything looks good on paper and one can order everythingthing from A to zinc. Atleast buying supps online is alot cheaper then buying them locally in australia as i wouldnt be able to afford what i take now if i got them here.
wow 8 for adrenal failure, isnt that a bit of an overkill...

I find that only about 1 in every 20 supplements or so will be of help for me if Im doing them as random hits in the dark. If I do them according to my actual tests results of what Im actually needing eg treating a deficiency result, I then get far more success with these eg then half of them help (that's if I can tollerant them).

I suggest to work out where your issues actually do lie and then use the supplements for these things (and if they dont show improvement on your test results or actually help you feel any better.. dont take them). I wonder thou seeing you have started so many in such a short space of time, how you will work out which is actually doing something and which isnt.

anyway.. best luck
I have had many tests tania. I am defficient in most of these things anyway, and have reasons to take every of these things, from food intolerances/gut/body inflammation to even OCD. The 8´s for AF are based in the most efficacious protocol for it that has changed little over the years and is the one that people always come back to because it works.

I am starting to feel something from all of this but is not much. I am confident that the long term effects will be more noticeable. One effect that sucks is sometimes depression, which I would guess comes from the sublingual B complex with mb12 and mb9.

I wish I had some real doctor to my side. I pretty much gave up normal doctors long ago, but I have tests from 2010 to 2012 including some very extensive by a functional one and will get some new adrenal tests this week.

In a nutshell all my life I have had neuroquimic/neurological problems leading to "mental" diagnoses and much suffering; and since physically ill adrenal fatigue, leaky gut and thyroid problems, which were autoimmune in 2012 according to tests. Also body and cellular inflammation is high and have oxidative stress. I wonder if there is something more to it, I have had some immune abnormalties as well, like low platelets. For me physical problems started after a lot of stress of different types.
" The 8´s for AF are based in the most efficacious protocol for it that has changed little over the years and is the one that people always come back to because it works."

its good to hear that you arent just randomly taking 8 different things for that.

nods.. I think lots of us wish we had good doctors. Half of my stuff Im going it alone too thou fortunately I do also have an intergrative dr who is of help too (if I could get back there!).
i used to take royal jelly but i dont really trust the product anymore its hard to find the pure good quality one. my experience and problem with taking many supplements: 1. it makes it harder to know which supplement works and which doesnt when taking many at once since my condition already changes overtime by unknown and many easily triggered factors. 2. its confusing to manage the time to take it.
I know kiseki but these aren´t that much supplements after all and I don´t find especially difficult figuring out which ones help.

Heaps you have seen this, it is the wilson protocol from the "Mending adrenal glands" thread in this board. One thing I am noticing from these supplements is better sexual function, which would be caused by the prolactin-lowering effects of Panthetine I would say.
argh yes ok , i know the Wilson adrenal stuff. I didnt know the b5 lowered prolactin, i thought it just made more cortisol? At what dose does it lower prolactin?

Obviously we won´t need 1 gram per KG lol I feel similarly to how I felt on Mucuna Pruriens. I am taking 950 mgs per day.

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