I am a duo of drugs with supreme potency. The two drugs are modified versions of drugs used for other disorders, but for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I get supreme results. I also think I am just dandy at treating Myalic Encephalomyelitis.

I slip past drug regulations of almost every country without hindrance. I can claim to be evidence based because I get tiny tiny but significant results. I also never mention all the drug trials where patients do not respond or get worse ... why would I do that? Why bring down the fantastic averages? I rarely mention the huge numbers who drop out of the drug trials. I never mention that my safety record is in large part the record of those other drugs that I am modified from, or comes from not keeping adequate records. I never mention that the results are for a mismash of people with who knows what wrong with them.

How can I claim to be so super potent with these results? Easy. Thanks to my marketing machine I have supreme potency at getting governments to back me, and doctors to prescribe me. Sure a few resist, it can't be more than a few, right? Heck I can even get silly doctors to force patients to take me! Other more effective drugs probably get yanked off the market all the time or simply can't get through the mass of drug regulations.

I have also diverted generations of research funds into proving that I work. Other drugs with much better results don't get that kind of funding. Kind of neat, huh? Since I have this research and the other drugs don't I can claim to be the only drug therapy that is evidence based and spit at the others ... oh, sorry, what others? My mistake. I am in a class of my own. Those others are not even rivals.

My marketing machine is second to none. The media love me. Governments love me. Doctors love me ... well, that is, unless they take the time to investigate ... but how many docs in the modern world have that kind of time? I am just so marvelous!

Who am I?

Conartist By Trade and my alter ego Great Evil Trainer.


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