Summer again which means more food weirdness

Ugh I have to physically go in to work tomorrow. (been working about 0-15 hrs/ week mostly all from home.)
Will anybody but me be wearing a mask?! :alien:

Anyway, here's my update:
1. Still slowly tapering cortef - on the way to 2.5 mg down from 10. I'd love to be done before fall weather hits but we'll see. I had to take a break because...

2. I'm in Week 9 of AIP autoimmune protocol eating plan.... first 5 weeks were gradual eliminations which means I'm now 4 weeks into the full protocol. I've heard this helps some Lyme folks and I felt really good when I tried an elimination diet a few years ago. But didn't stick to it.

The first 2 weeks were great, good energy etc. Which is good because you have to cook every *(_*##$ thing yourself. No processed foods no take out etc.

Then whammo, the fatigue hit with a vengeance. Seems like I slept for a couple weeks. Might have been a month. Along with rotating joint pain- lighting up different parts of my body like a $%%@# Christmas tree. So that was fun.

My hope is that maybe this is all a sign that my immune system has been able to kick in and is going after the Lyme. Maybe? Please?

I'm gradually getting better. Supposedly many people feel better anywhere from 30-90 days on the protocol- if you don't feel better by then, you've got other problems than "just" food induced autoimmunity. This week I actually had a couple good days for a change.

It definitely is a learning experience. Without all the crud in the system, my food reactions are much easier to notice. I'm noticing how little sugar tolerance I have. The very subtle coconut sensitivity. Can't take sweet potato noodles etc.

Okay that's what I've got. Hope you are getting through this world okay dear reader if there is one.
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